Sunday , 18 February 2018


Gaurav Bidhuri: boxes to win

At the recently held 1st India Open Boxing Tournament in Delhi, many expected Gaurav Bidhuri, the lone Bronze medalist at the World Championships held in Germany 2017, to impress. A back injury forced him to stay out of the ring. Danuska Da Gama profiles the boxer The fourth Indian boxer to have won a medal at the World Boxing Championship, ... Read More »

Youngsters look to us for example

AUGUSTO RODRIGUES The All India Football Federation (AIFF) U-18 Youth league is on and for the first time there are six teams from Goa though we have only one team in the I-league. Previously, the league had no glamour as it was the AIFF Academy team that always hogged the honours and hence left the contest one sided. The story ... Read More »

The silence of the looms

When Anushka Sharma wore a Banarasi sari for her wedding reception, the nation was mesmerised. But what is the condition of the city’s weavers who create those legendary saris? Will the interest in Anushka’s Banarasi be enough to revive the ailing handloom industry of Varanasi? Poulomi Banerjee The minute the electricity supply is back, the by-lanes of Peeli Kothi in ... Read More »

Let the Beating Retreat march to its own beat

Karan Thapar If the President’s address to Parliament and the Economic Survey left you with no time for Beating the Retreat then let me reassure you that you missed nothing. I watched it, as I try to do every year, and was deeply disappointed. In fact, upset. Even annoyed. This used to be my favourite ceremony. It was a celebration ... Read More »

Nuances of Muslim food

Maneka Sanjay Gandhi Recently the Hyderabad-based Muslim seminary Jamia Nizamia, started in 1876, issued a ban on Muslims eating prawn, shrimp, and crabs, calling them Makruh Tahrim (abominable). According to Islam, there are three categories of food: Halal (allowed), Haram (prohibited), Makruh (strictly to be avoided as abominable) Most Muslims eat meat, every kind. In fact the religion defines itself ... Read More »

Do we need simultaneous elections?

Shashi Shekhar I read this somewhere in my youth: Zinda kaumen paanch saal intzaar nahin karti (Live communities do not wait for five years). Back then, India was approaching the 25th anniversary of its independence and Ram Manohar Lohia, the proponent of this idea, believed that the Congress, a victim of dynastic rule, was wasting the nation’s time. Lohia and ... Read More »

Orphaned books

Frederick Noronha By 3 p.m., I had to leave. Yet, that was enough time by which to pick up an armful of books. My entire focus had been on books. What is it about paper that can give you that heady feeling, as you carry along the ideas born out of so many people and hundreds of hours of work, and ... Read More »

Daunting Depression

Patricia Pereira-Sethi I was saddened to learn that Fidel Castro’s eldest son Fidelito (translation: little Fidel) committed suicide last week, at the age of 68. I knew him fairly well. He was a dashing personality, sporting the rugged good looks of his father: he carefully copied the elder’s hairstyle and beard, his manner of speaking and stroking his chin, his ... Read More »

Siva’s Migrations

Does the Agastya legend point to an overland migration of yadava/kshatriya from Dvaraka to the south? If yes, when could that have happened? Should the Agastya legend point to a migration of yadava from Dvaraka to the south, then it would be the third such instance we have come across. Dvaraka lies just below the north-western tip of the Kathiyavada ... Read More »

Michiel Sweerts in Goa

Luis Dias Last December I was reminded that I’ve completed four years writing this column, with over 200 articles, and (touch wood!) not missing a single Sunday. It’s always good to get feedback from readers. I get this from my circle of friends, family and acquaintances, but it’s gratifying when you hear from a reader far beyond this circle. Sometimes ... Read More »

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