World’s first humanoid artist ‘Ai-Da’

Ai-Da is the brainchild of Aidan Meller, who claims she is the world’s first ultra-realistic humanoid artist, able to draw creatively thanks to in-built artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Billed as “one of the most exciting artists of our time”, Ai-Da differs from generations of past masters in one inescapable way: she is a robot. Ai-Da […]

Panaji’s Political Roulette

Political candidates have time and again given assurances to shift the offshore casinos from River Mandovi. A look at how the casinos first came to begin operations in Goa, and whether a change in location could indeed happen U D Kamat Come elections and candidates turn into redeemers! When the campaign to Panaji by-poll was […]

Stand-up comedy hits refresh with quiz, game show formats

Suhit Kelkar Traditional stand-up comedy, which involves a single comedian addressing an audience, is about a decade old in India. Long enough to have grown some tentacles, and sure enough new formats are now emerging. Among these, the comedy jugalbandi, where two comedians riff on their lives, relationships and each other; comedy debates that take […]

Justice or charade?

Karan Thapar Let me begin with an admission. I’m only a layman and I have no legal training whatsoever. I’m also not conversant with the procedures of the Supreme Court and how enquiries against sitting judges must be conducted. But that said and done, there’s a lot about the way the Supreme Court handled allegations […]

How safe are your eggs?

Maneka Sanjay Gandhi Eggs have always been considered as a standard safe food. Few people realise that every egg is different, and some may not be fit to eat at all. An egg is made up of albumen, yolk, and a porous shell made of calcium carbonate. The internal ingredients of an egg can be […]

Good fight must be fought equally

Lalita Panicker This election, as with elections before, has seen the usual sniping at the women in the fray by their male counterparts. So, we had ugly references to the feisty Smriti Irani’s marital status to Priyanka Gandhi’s change of attire from skirts and trousers to sarees with the aim of getting votes. Film actresses […]

News conferences… in all their hues

Frederick Noronha Everyone and their dog seems to be discussing news conferences these days. This is not surprising after Prime Minister Modi sat on, largely speechless, for the first press conference even in his five-year term. In the meanwhile, the BJP president went on with his long lecture, even as the Prime Minister’s body language […]

Maintaining a reputation

Gopalkrishna Gandhi This election has been the most competitive, divisive and verbally abusive in India’s history. One gift has however come from it. Hearing the “Chowkidar chor hai” matter in the Supreme Court, Justice SK Kaul gave us the gift of a classic observation: “Any person can make a mistake, but having made it, you […]

From the Zagros Mountains

TENSING RODRIGUES Could the farmers and herders of Mehrgadh have come from across the Bolan Pass, from the foothills of the Zagros Mountains, carrying the wheat and barley domestication ‘technologies’ developed in the Fertile Crescent ? There is more than one reason to believe so. Comparing with the forces that would have driven the farmers […]

Italian mappillai in India

Saaz Aggarwal Carlo Pizzati came to India as a ‘yoga-person’, and stayed on. He married a woman who proposed to him in the course of their relationship. “I think you should marry me. Hello? I’m a caaatch!” she said, and he agreed. Many locals thought he wouldn’t last but, so far so good, he has. […]