Saturday , 25 March 2017


Monkey business

Prabhu Mallikarjunan Chained to a stone pillar under a thatched roof by the road in Narsapur village, 400km from Hyderabad, are three grey langurs with distinctive black faces and light grey bodies. Barely two-four years old, they are munching on the leaves and vegetables their owner, Pendrao Bujji, has thrown their way. But they are already formidable allies of farmers, ... Read More »

The women behind Dal’s floating gardens

Safeena Wani Despite the snow and bone-chilling cold, the daily slog of the women tending their floating gardens in Srinagar’s Dal Lake never ceases. They use shovels to clear the snow to harvest vegetables. For centuries, these floating gardens have been the source of livelihood for a large number of Kashmiri women. Raht Ded, 50, lives on Meer Behri Island ... Read More »

Free speech gives us the right to offend

Karan Thapar Do citizens of India have the right to peacefully and non-violently call for ‘azaadi’ for Kashmir and Bastar or advocate separation and division? Most lawyers will say they do. The BJP insists they don’t. In a speech Arun Jaitley added: “Free speech does not permit you to assault the sovereignty of the country.” I’m not a lawyer but ... Read More »

From achhe din to ‘new India’: Modi knows BJP needs a new narrative for 2019 elections

Rajesh Mahapatra The Bharatiya Janata Party’s spectacular victory in Uttar Pradesh makes Prime Minister Narendra Modi appear unstoppable in his quest for a second term in 2019. The BJP’s winning streak through the state and local body polls held since Modi stormed to power in the national election of 2014 demonstrates how the party’s well-oiled election machine has gone from ... Read More »

Workplace sexual harassment is an ‘unidentified threat’ to women

Smruti Koppikar The text, tone and tenor of the statement issued by The Viral Fever (TVF), among India’s top entertainment software start-ups, while denying the allegation of sexual harassment against its co-founder Arunabh Kumar, tells us a great deal about how sexual harassment figures as an issue in the workplace, even in trendy companies that otherwise seem progressive and feminism-oriented. ... Read More »

Where have all our political scientists gone?

Frederick Noronha A scholar from academia queried recently: “What do you make of [the book] ‘India’s first democratic revolution?” As the heat and dust settles down on the intense emotions of another election campaign and set of polling results in Goa, the inescapable feeling remaining behind is that we have so few books that seek to explain and make sense ... Read More »

Don’t dilute the army’s identity

Srinath Raghavan Among the many interesting outcomes of the recent elections was the rout of General (retired) JJ Singh, who contested on an Akali Dal ticket in Punjab. The former army chief’s decision to take on Amarinder Singh was a reckless move-spurred perhaps by the brusque superiority with which most generals tend to regard captains. On the campaign trail, JJ ... Read More »

The Pastoralists of Deccan

Back in the village where I spent my childhood, most of us had goats; many of us kept cattle too – just a cow, if it was only for milk for the household, but more if it was for selling milk in the neighbourhood, or oxen for ploughing. Some carried on milk business on a larger scale with buffaloes. But ... Read More »

Your Children are not your Children

Jugneeta Sudan In my readings of proto modernists from the nineteenth century, I enjoyed the intensity of Charles Baudelaire. With him came words like ‘flaneur’ and ‘dandy’, and everything associated with these words. He walked the streets observing life and encountering it, the way it was. To meet life headlong as it happens – a precursor to art and photography ... Read More »

My Summer of ‘89

Luis Dias I am sure every doctor remembers the cathartic sense of release after having passed the final MBBS exam. Textbooks could be shelved at last, and a whole year of internship stretched ahead of us invitingly. Real life would catch up with us soon enough, but for now the sense of freedom and abandon were exhilarating. My own internship ... Read More »

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