Sunday , 19 May 2019


Music on the Monte

NT BUZZ The 17th edition of the Monte Music Festival was recently held at the Chapel of Our Lady of Monte, Old Goa and courtyard. Organised by Fundação Oriente and Cidade de Goa, the festival saw an interplay of dance, music and theatre. There were many performances by international and national artistes.   Read More »

Pan-Indian art showcased in Goa

NT BUZZ Jammu and Kashmir Centre for Creative Arts (JKCCA), Jammu and Kashmir in collaboration with Pune-based NGO Studio Akshay organised the National Exhibition of Paintings at Kala Academy, Panaji. The aim of the exhibition was to provide artists from across India with a platform to showcase their work to the public. The exhibition was inaugurated by minister, Art and ... Read More »

Devan Ghodlolo Sonvsar

Devan Ghodlolo Sounvsar by comedian Ambe is a depiction of various illegal activities that happen in Goa and the reason why many Goans have made London a second home. A widowed mother has two children. She is based in London and seems to be doing quite well financially.  Her daughter Ofelia is in London too but her son Zico prefers ... Read More »

‘The only change we need is to teach properly’

Danuska Da Gama I NT BUZZ   Virender Kapoor recently conducted a workshop, ‘How to make schools a vibrant place through effective leadership in the light of emotional intelligence’ for principals of Goan schools. He believes that the culture of an organisation is the single most important factor for a school to do well and that depends on the leadership ... Read More »

In good light

When one thinks of lighting for a place, usually power saving efficiency is taken into consideration. Read More »

Controlling the virus

Miguel Braganza   The mosaic designs that one can see on the leaves of the ladyfinger (bhendde) and cowpea or ‘alsandde’ this season may be a pretty sight for the passerby but they are a warning sign to the knowledgeable farmer. Read More »

TEDxPanaji shaping new ideas

TEDxPanaji, an independently organised TED event in Goa, organised an event ‘What’s on my plate!’ bringing ideas into action. Read More »

Kumbh: A festival unique to Harmal

A unique festival called Somavati/ Kumbh is held in Harmal village once in 4 to 5 years, depending on ‘mahurat’. Here, it is believed that the water from River Ganges meets the sea on this ‘mahurat’, and is thus considered an auspicious event. Read More »

6 Critics Choice short films to be screened

Six award winning and nominated films from the Critics Choice Short Films Awards (CCSFA) to be screened at ESG on February 7, 6.30 p.m. by the Cinephile Film Club Read More »

Titan Eyeplus expands retail footprint in Goa

Titan Eyeplus (TEP), the optical retail chain of Titan Company Ltd., expanded its presence in Goa with the launch of two new stores on January 29. The stores at Khorlim, Mapusa and Mangore Hill Road, Vasco, are the first in both the cities and the fourth in Goa. Read More »