Friday , 22 February 2019


EDC supported startups impress investors  

Team B&C | NT With an aim to give its incubating startups an opportunity to raise funds, the EDC Innovation Hub, conducted its first Ignite Investor Pitch Day recently.  Please like & share: Read More »

New business model for CNG stations

The government last week launched the Dealer Owned Dealer Operated (DODO) model for setting up CNG stations on the sidelines of Petrotech 2019. Please like & share: Read More »

Keralites who made Goa home

The Keralite community in Goa dates back to the post liberation years. Fifty-eight years later NT NETWORK delves into what brought them here and more Alisha Nicole Carvalho | NT NETWORK The idyllic state of Kerala along the Malabar Coast is not without its share of locals who have left the State, many of whom moved to Goa several decades ... Read More »

These women are changing the game

The women’s team of FC Goa representing Forca Goa Foundation, were recently crowned champions of the India leg of Global Goals World Cup in Mumbai. The team is now all set to represent India in New York in September. NT BUZZ reports Danuska Da Gama I NT BUZZ Twenty four all-women teams competed in the football event-‘Global Goals World Cup’, ... Read More »

So, how smart are goats?

Maneka Sanjay Gandhi Someone rescued a goat from the slaughterhouse and gave him to the Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre. We allowed him to run free and soon he was the leader of a pack of dogs who followed him everywhere. When people gathered round to talk, while they were waiting for their animals outside the OPD, he would often ... Read More »

BJP Government’s timing on corruption is all wrong

Barkha Dutt In a multitude of uncertainties about the 2019 polls, there is one fact we can all agree on: This will not be a wave election. There is neither an upsurge of support for Prime Minister Narendra Modi nor any sort of mass rage against him (of the kind the Congress had to face in 2014). On the ground, ... Read More »

Sacred music from different eras

NT BUZZ Bringing together a combination of sacred music traditions from different eras of East and West, the fourth edition of Ketevan World Sacred Music Festival will feature performances of numerous artistes from February 21 to February 24 at Old Goa. The festival will offer concerts, workshops and conferences with artistes from several traditions around the world: Western Classical, Carnatic, ... Read More »

An ancient faith

Here we attempt a superficial description of what appears to be the defining characteristics of the kumlbi religion. This is only an attempt; because it is difficult to capture the kumlbi idea of god in conventional terms; for it does not seem to conform to any theological ideas we are used to. So we use a sort of neti neti ... Read More »

Tales of the displaced

Stories of lives torn asunder and fused uneasily at the crossroads of adopted cultures Sonali Mujumdar Collateral damage in war usually has a spillover effect for decades and generations. A chunky tome of Sri Lanka’s history is the civil war between 1983 and 2009 that bludgeoned its population and caused over a hundred thousand deaths. The deeper roots of this ... Read More »

A dance of God

Luis Dias Last month, we experienced a compulsory internet detox for ten days or so (thank you Gwave!) for reasons that were never disclosed. I am very grateful to my friend Nigel Britto for informing me that the great Chinese-American cellist Yo-Yo Ma would be performing in Mumbai. This would in itself be a milestone concert, on his first-ever visit ... Read More »