Friday , 22 March 2019


The Convent and Fortress of Cabo, Dona Paula

Sanjeev V Sardesai Among the few highly admired places in Goa, is definitely the official residence of the First Citizen – The Governor of Goa; also known popularly as the ‘Palacio do Cabo’ during Portuguese era, or presently the Raj Bhavan. During the Portuguese administration, it was officially called as ‘Nossa Senhora do Cabo’. Situated about 7 kilometres from the ... Read More »

Practising gratitude

Aldina Braganza I love the moments of twilight, the time between darkness and light, when the sky is in its most grandiose splendour. It’s a time when the world sets stage for the next act. I feel special, as if the whole universe has conspired to puts on this drama for us. The hues that surround the early morning sunrise ... Read More »

Hindu way of life – Science of Salvation

Sadhguru There really is no such thing as Hindu-ism. This term and concept was coined only in recent times. The Hindu civilisation was born on the banks of the river Sindhu which is known as Indus in English today. When the Persians came, they introduced the term ‘Hindu’, derived from the Sanskrit word Sindhu, to denote the people who live ... Read More »

Palaces in God’s own country

Susan Jose Ancient forts and palaces are often considered to be portholes for travelling back in time. Standing strong since centuries, they take us on a visual expedition through the many journeys that have shaped history. During a recent trip to Kerala, we decided to explore the lesser-known palaces of the Kingdom of Travancore. These palaces do not seem massive ... Read More »

The green warrior

Margao-based Zuleika Juliet Antao won the title of ‘Sustainability Pioneer’- Female category at the YONO SBI 20 Under Twenty’ awards ceremony held in Bengaluru recently. NT KURIOCITY gets more details about the young achiever and her work RAMANDEEP KAUR | NT KURIOCITY Nineteen-year-old Zuleika Juliet Antao is completely ecstatic on winning the title of ‘Sustainability Pioneer’- Female category at the ... Read More »

What it takes to be a tennis player

Tennis is not as popular as other sports in Goa. However there are a quite a number of youngsters who passionately practise this sport. NT KURIOCITY caught up with two pairs of siblings to understand more about their passion for tennis and aspects that steer success NT KURIOCITY While football continues to be dominant on Goa’s playgrounds and physical education ... Read More »

Kids Camp Play School celebrates annual day

NT KURIOCITY Kids Camp Play School and Young Achievers Primary School, Porvorim celebrated its annual day. The theme for the event was ‘Kids Camp, Young Achievers and its environment’. Chief guest for the function was minister for Revenue, IT and Labour and Employment, Rohan Khaunte. Students exhibited various cultural performances on the occasion. Principal of the school, Valerie Pinto thanked ... Read More »

Timing skills: A teenage dilemma

Dr Kedar Padte Timidita was almost pulling out her hair, “This surprise test that has been announced for tomorrow is ridiculous. With prelims slated for the coming Monday, how does one study? Where is the time?” she screamed. The atmosphere in the canteen of Elitemix University was tense. If Timidita the topper has problems, the rest of the class would ... Read More »

Yuri and Srijan from Sharada Mandir wins Safety Quiz

NT KURIOCITY Safety Quest 2019, a quiz competition on safety for all schools across the state was held at the Institute Menezes Braganza Hall, Panaji wherein Yuri Naidu and Srijan Kumar from Sharada Mandir School, Miramar won first place, Adnan Syed and Nikhilesh Rana also from Sharada Mandir School, Miramar won second place, and Sohail C and Reeve Rodrigues from ... Read More »

Getting rid of dandruff

Roanna Silveira Most of us have suffered from dandruff at least once in our lives. But what is this annoying problem that plagues us and leaves us scratching our heads? Dandruff is a skin condition that affects the scalp, eyebrows and nose; it is the excessive shedding of dead skin cells. These cells are normally lost through shedding but in ... Read More »