Sunday , 19 May 2019


Ruined Forts: Dicholi (Bicholim)

SANJEEV V SARDESAI It is said that there were about 53 forts and fortifications in Goa, but today, if we want to visit and partake in these glories of the past, we can name less than a handful and see lesser in a good condition. In the article today, let us visit Bicholim, a taluka in North Goa. The name ... Read More »

Louvre’s romance with Paris

From a medieval fortress protecting Paris to one of the world’s biggest and most-visited museums, the Louvre has been reinvented many times over the centuries. Today it attracts 10 million visitors a year, most of them tourists drawn by star attractions such as the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo. Here is a look back over some of the colourful ... Read More »

Stay healthy with vegetables

Rohini Diniz India is a predominantly vegetarian country, but many of the vegetarian dishes that are consumed, with the exception of potato are prepared from ingredients that are not real vegetables. Recipes using pulses, sprouts, soya chunks, paneer, steamed gram flour sticks (gatte) and papad pieces are considered as subzis or bhajis among many families. With the exception of milk, ... Read More »

Baby steps towards positive health

Sujal Patil Torgal Almost everyone will agree with the saying – ‘There is no other land like the land of your childhood!’ It is a time of life that is supposed to be free of worries, responsibilities and stress. But it isn’t so with today’s kids who have to catch up with the dynamic era of gadgets, unchecked willing or ... Read More »

Amavasya: Journey from untruth to truth

Amavasya means no moon day or new moon day. Whenever something or someone becomes absent, through that absence, his or her presence always becomes more powerful. For example, if you had a friend or a loved one who was with you, you never felt their presence so much. But the moment they disappear, you feel their presence so much – ... Read More »

Find your independent quotient

Aldina Braganza There are no short cuts for life lessons. Sometimes the only way to understand a conflict is to dive straight into it. Like the point I am trying to make today: Do we value independence or do we promote dependency? We may advocate our rights of freedom but do we think, behave and act like freedom people? What ... Read More »


FOOD Flavours of Hawaii: This Sunday come and experience all things tropical at Radisson Blu Goa Cavelossim as they host an ‘Aloha Hawaii Brunch’ at the Upper Deck. The brunch will showcase a bunch of appetising dishes such as the Hawaiian teriyaki chicken, tofu and mushroom, chili lime fish in the tropical skewer grills, a jambalaya station, a kebab selection, tropical fruit stand and ... Read More »

Misbah: Lighting the path to learn and inspire

VENITA GOMES Sanskrit is one of India’s ancient languages and a lot of historic inscriptions and writings are found in it. However, when an otherwise Urdu or Arabic speaking student tops in a language like Sanskrit, it definitely sparks an interest. In Arabic Misbah means lamp or light. And through her academic achievement she has become an inspiration and is showing ... Read More »

In conversation with Usman and Shahida

Parents of Misbah, Usman and Shahida are overjoyed with their daughter’s achievement so far. Speaking to NT BUZZ her father Usman Shaikh says that Misbah has always been an all-rounder. “Misbah was always good in studies and her teachers always spoke highly about how she fared in studies and other curricular activities.” He says that while they never forced ambitions ... Read More »

Goa through films

Sunaparanta – Goa Centre for the Arts is hosting a four-day Film Festival ‘Goa in Film @Sunaparanta’ from May 22. NT BUZZ gets you the details The Goan film industry has been witnessing growth in the recent years. Independent directors with an interest in cinema and storytelling have emerged to showcase their works. From entertainment and feature films to documentaries, ... Read More »