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Climate Change Favours Voracious Termites

By Dr Nandkumar M Kamat

Architects, engineers, interior decorators, carpenters, landscape consultants, builders, developers, farmers, librarians, archivists, museologists - please take a serious note. You have an old enemy with more powerful ability to cause havoc and damage.

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The Master Decision-maker

By Sambit Bal

For a man who has been blessed with every stroke, Sachin Tendulkar can sometimes reveal his genius while stealing a single. As Australia, in the manner of most contemporary teams, went into boundary-denying mode after the first session today, Tendulkar switched to accumulation gear, with deft nudges and glides, pushes and silent drives. One of these strokes can be used to illustrate his command over his batting faculties.

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Matiechi Girestkai

 BY Willy Goes

 ‘Matiechi Girestkai’ performed by Associacao Academica De Majorda Utorda Calata was the thirteenth tiatr at the thirty sixth tiatr competition by Kala Academy.

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Friends Turned Family

By Rupa Kothari

Welcome to the modern ‘family by choice’, sociologists please note. The unit comprises single woman + single woman + single woman, with four dogs to complete the picture.

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Bridging communities together


The sounds of rhythmic beating of special drum known as ‘Dhak’, ‘Kamsar’, a brass metallic plate bitten with stick and the chanting of mantras apprises of the Durga puja, the most happening festival of the Bengali community.

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Dasro- the Goan way

By Rohit R Phalgaonkar

Today will be the culmination of the nine-night Hindu festival of Navraatri. In other parts of India it is called as Dussehra, whereas in Goa it is called as ‘Dasro’. The term ‘Dasro’ refers to the tenth day in Konkani. Perhaps it has originated form the Konkani word ‘Dasar’ which refers to the 10 day rituals in temples by the pujaaris who take turn in serving the deity.

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Dancing on! Making Goa proud!

Goa’s ballroom instructor Dr Martin D Costa, received yet another feather to his cap, he was felicitated with the Ballroom icon of India award for excellence in dance at Mumbai recently. He was felicitated by the world’s oldest ballroom dancer Ms Tao Porchon-Lynch and Bollywood actress Zeenat Aman.

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Under the Tuscan Sun

By Odette and Joe Mascarenhas

If you feel that Italian cooking is all about pastas and pizzas, think again. Italian cuisine is very regional, and the food of Tuscany can be very different from that prepared in the rest of Italy.

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Children go astray when families fall apart

The tiatr ‘Morosor’ starts with a ‘Kant’ where Freeda (Nacia Afonso) and Mauvin (Pascoal Rodrigues) pledge their love to each other.

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A Navratri celebration where traditional Goan dances rule

The people belonging to the Dhangar community in Bicholim taluka celebrate Navratrotsav in a unique way. The people from Goa and border areas of Maharashtra had come together to construct a new temple of their deity Mhalchi Pandhar. The newly constructed temple at Kudchirem-village in Bicholim taluka is nearly 15 kms away from the town.

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