Sunday , 16 June 2019
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Saffron Coloured Sambarem

By Melinda Pereira Kamat


Time: 30-35 mins, Yield: 5 watis


3 medium sized jew fishes [dhodyare 60g after cleaning, no bones], 13 red chillies kholchi variety [2g], 1 tsp turmeric powder [5g], 2 small sized onions [20g each], 1 tsp coriander seeds heaped [5g], 10 peppercorns, supari sized ball of tamarind [5g], 2 tsp coconut oil, 1 wati grated coconut loosely filled [40g], 1 tsp parboiled rice grains [5g]

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If Winter Comes…

By Khushwant Singh

I can’t recall a winter in Delhi when I felt as miserable as the one we have lived through this time. It was not entirely due to the temperature. I remember during my school days we lived in a house on Jantar Mantar Road which is today Kerala House. We had a marble fountain in the front garden. On some days during December and January the water froze to ice.

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The Tale of a Valiant Heart

By Dhananjaya Bhat

Fort Raigad near Pune was the Capital fort of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj (1630-1680). Earlier known as Rairi, Tanas, Rasivata, Nandadeep, it was named "Raigad" by Shivaji. Although he had control of 360 other forts of his empire, Raigad was his favourite one and he had spent 25 years, nearly half of his life in the great citadel. He was coronated as "Chhatrapati" on the very fort on June 6, 1674 and died at the same stronghold in 1680.

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Add Style to Your Look

By Jon Martin

Here are there simple accessories for men that will provide a nice addition to your current wardrobe for 2011.

Fashionable Watches – Big & Bold is Better

When it comes to one of the most popular accessories for men in the last century, it has to be the watch. While watches are still used for telling time, many of them are used as a status symbol as well.

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How Goans Pollute the Air

By Dr Nandkumar M Kamat

A simple link to increasing morbidity and mortality due to respiratory diseases and lung cancers can be found in Goa’s deteriorating air environment. This is not limited to only dusty mining areas. Some success achieved in controlling pollution from automobile exhaust has been sacrificed.

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Raging Bull

Smart, fast, confident and agile, meet today’s Indian boxers who have the courage to fight and overpower the mightiest competitors in the world. They are new ‘champions’ on the block.

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Upala KBR

After sporting chic Western attire for her role as a hairstylist in Karan Johar’s Short Term Shaadi, Kareena Kapoor will go ethnic for Atul Agnihotri’s Bodyguard. She plays a don’s beti in the latter and will mostly Indian traditional clothes including bright kurtas with lots of oxidised jewellery.

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Shaheen Parkar

Preity Zinta has taken the first step towards her television debut. She has begun shooting for the promos of Guinness World Records — Ab India Todega, the show that she will host for Colors.

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Upala KBR

Bobby Deol left for Goa yesterday on a holiday with his wife Tania and sons Dharam and Aryaman.

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Shaheen Parkar

 Chitrangada Singh now has her own pad in Mumbai.

Apparently, she’s tired of flying to and from New Delhi, where she is based and of living out of suitcases in hotels and at relatives’ places in Mumbai.

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