Wednesday , 19 September 2018


Folk Art Festival at KA

The Kala Academy, Panaji organised a Folk Art Festival at the open air auditorium recently. Traditional folk dances like ‘talo’, ‘dhalo’, ‘kunbi dance’, ‘morulo’, ‘zaagor’, ‘ghodemodni’ and others were performed by the groups.

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Switch off lights for a brighter future


Today, March 27 is a day where you get a chance to join in the largest annual global campaign by observing the earth hour.All you need to do is switching off all lights for one hour in order to create awareness about climate change that is becoming a harsh reality.

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‘A dialogue with truth’

It was a colleague of artiste, Hanuman Kambli who inspired him to delve on the topic ‘A dialogue with truth’ as a subject for a discussion at Sunapranta Centre of Art, Altinho, recently. The artiste himself got down to explaining, how it all happened.  

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Audio Reviews

by J P Pereira
 Billy Vaughn
In the good old days of the radio, Billy Vaughn was a favourite. On every programme of western music broadcast, the All india Radio, Panaji always played at least one track of this great musician. In the later years, try as you might, there were no recordings from this musician available at the music shops.

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