Saturday , 16 February 2019


Confluence of two cultures

The Museum of Christian Art, one of the best kept museums of Goa, is the finest example of Indo-Portuguese art and history. ‘The Navhind Times’ explores the museum and chapel that is now getting a new lease of life

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Maximising Human Assets

By Ranjana Kakodkar
In the conference room of XYZ company, are seated several tense people. One group represents the company’s union, fronted by a tough talking union leader; who right now, has smoke coming out of his ears! The other group, albeit, a tad more sophisticated in their attire look equally ready to do battle.

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Many Splendours of Mirror Work

By Brinda Bose
Of all contemporary embroidery forms, mirror-work is rated as the most charming, trendy and popular, both in urban and rural India. Its twinkling patterns have come to adorn a variety of items of daily utility – from back-less blouses and bed spreads to wall hangings, shoes, lampshades and upholstery.

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Good canataram entertain viewers in ‘Montri’

Willy Goes
The story begins with Alisha (Alisha Souza) being accosted by her boyfriend’s best friend, who subsequently tries to rape her. Her boyfriend Sandry (Sandry Fernandes) happens to be a minister’s son. Alisha hits him on the head with a flower pot in self-defence, but the injured assailant makes good his escape.

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Beat Beauty Killers

The rains bring in cool winds, lush greenery and the musical sound of raindrops, but they also bring in a number of diseases which are potential killers of beauty. In this season raw salads should be avoided, eat hot and well-cooked food.

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The fading instruments of Goa

Gone are the days when of the more traditional musical instruments like the shenai, surt, surpanvo, surpanvo and nagsher. No longer do we see them being played at temples, sacred ceremonies, gauda cantaram sessions, etc. The question that arises then is, where have these musical instruments gone? Are they not made anymore or has the increased used of electronic musical devices brought an end to a glorious era?

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