Tuesday , 18 June 2019
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TAG’s Award Presentation Ceremony

The Second Popular Tiatr Festival organised by the Tiatr Academy of Goa (TAG) in collaboration with Kala Academy will come to an end with the staging of the tiatr ‘Bhurgim Tim Bavlim Nhoi’ written and directed by Roseferns on March 24.

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Earth Hour: A positive proceed for rescuing planet Earth

The countdown begins, as the night lights will go off across India for an hour, along with more than 126 nations, to observe Earth Hour, as the clock strikes 8.30 on the evening of March 26, when the entire globe will be observing Earth hour in a global treaty to fight climate change and a global movement against climate change, says Dr Joseph Rauto De Souza, chief scientist and principal investigator of the Climate Change Program (Goa).

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Biye Jaatraa of Paingini

By Rohit R Phalgaonkar

The taluka of Canacona is very well known for its cultural heritage. Traditions, trends and ancient rituals are still observed in the taluka in their original character and historicity.

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Nurturing nature

Are you one of those parents who are thinking about some summer activity for your children? Then the kitchen gardening workshop is an ideal outlet to bring out the best in them

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Konkani cultural fest 2011 concludes

The recently held third All Goa Cultural Fest at the Don Bosco Oratory received an overwhelming response with over 20 schools from around the state participating in it. 81 participants took part in the Konkani singing competition which was held in various categories and 8 groups participated in the folk dance competition.

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2nd Popular Tiatr Festival – Day 7

‘Novo Dis Udetana’

 ‘Novo Dis Udetana’, a tiatr written and directed by Domnick Coelho, popularly known as comedian Domnick, was staged at the second Popular Tiatr Festival organised by the Tiatr Academy Goa at the DMK auditorium, Kala Academy, Panaji.

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Bringing in Gudi Padwa with Swarananda

The New Year according to the Hindu calendar is celebrated on ‘Gudi Padwa’. It is the time for new dreams to be dreamt and fresh desires to be aroused. This is when all that one has sown will bring forth a fruitful harvest, a harvest that will bring joy to the heart.

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Dance With Me

Women with disability have the same need for love and intimacy as ‘normal’ women do but it is a subject seldom recognised in our society, writes Ranjita Biswas

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Breaking free


The need to discover an alternative activity to divert attention from the cumulative stress generated from a hectic work schedule is gaining ground. Psychologists have been time and again stressing on the significance of working people discovering ways to de-stress.

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TAG’s declare Kantaram competition results

Tiatr Academy of Goa (TAG) organised recently a Kantaram competition. The competition was limited to Kantarams such as duets, duos, trios, quartets and choral songs.

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