Wednesday , 19 December 2018


Tribute to a Great Teacher

The centenary celebrations of the founder of Institute of Instruction High School, Late Professor Vinayak Givaji Matmo were held recently. The black box of Kala Academy was packed with his ex-students, relatives, family and well-wishers.

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The village of two houses

By Rohit R Phalgaonkar

Goahas lots of interesting facets still unexplored. These range from the various types of flora and fauna found in Goa to the different socio-cultural traditions and rituals of its different villages.

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Dine with Wine

By Hector Choksi

Few years ago if you have asked an urban Indian restaurant diner as to what Sommelier meant, he would have suggested citizens of Somalia. But today the picture is changing and many know that dictionary defines a sommelier as (sawm-uhl-yeah):

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‘Swaroopancha Kalpataru’ held at KA

‘Swaroopancha Kalpataru’– a musical programme was held recently at the Kala Academy, Panaji. ‘Abhangas’ were sung and recited by Dr (Smt) Shubhada Gokhale and artists from Sangli. The artists performed and conquered many souls through their melodious voices.

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Remembering C Alvares

Kala Mogi Candolim in collaboration with Tiatr Academy of Goa will organise an academic discussion on C Alvares’ contribution to Tiatr, its song and music. C Alvares, born on August 1, 1924, did wonders for the tiatr stage. He was one of the most popular heroes of the Konkani stage. He specialised in composing and singing duets on various social issues. Naturally he was called the “King of Duets”.

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Magic of Harry Potter demystified

Harry Potter one of the main characters in the seven series of the wizard story will soon be celebrating his birthday on July 31. The Pageturners club, a reading club for children at The International Centre, decided to celebrate the day by having a review of the series of Harry Potter books.

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What lies within

There are some things in life that can’t be defined, things that do not belong to any category. These are the creative illusions that take place in our intuitive mind. It is purely based on the person who conceptualises it. However, sometimes it is not possible to explore this vision and some guidance is required.

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Nature as a muse

By Naguesh Rao Sardessai
Maendra Alvares needs no introduction to Goans. Hailing from a family of landlords from south Goa to earning a degree in fine arts from the Goa College of Art, Altinho, he has come a long way. Treating his land as the Lord, he considers protecting and preserving the Goan landscape, environment, art and culture his mission.

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