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Tiatr Review

By J P Pereira
‘KOLLSO’: ‘Kollso’ is a fine play from the husband and wife team of Albert-Roma.  Alron Rich Productions have released ‘Kollso’, an enjoyable and touching tiatr, which keeps viewer engrossed till the very end.

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‘Sham-e-Shammi’ remembers Shammi Kapoor musicals

If romance was the essence and dance the life of Shammi Kapoor films, then music provided soul to his silver screen adventures. When Shammi Kapoor, the ‘Rebel Star’ of Hindi films passed away last month,

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A rendezvous with the ‘Dr Feelgood of Indian flute’

Pt Majumdar has influenced music aficionados’ tastes over the years, which was a difficult task for this flautist. The artiste is not afraid of failure and says he never felt insecure about how people perceived his music

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I am in a horrible situation. My mother is so critical of me. This is driving me crazy. I study in class 12. In the last test I managed to get decent marks in all my papers.

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Clothes maketh the man

The ever present salwar is being given the miss by college students, what do students think about it? Shoma Patnaik finds out.

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Sparkling Eyes

By Aroona Reejhsinghani
Lenses of various colours have been in the market for some time now, from sky blue to sea blue to ink tinted lenses which made the eyes sparkle and glow.

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Deutsche Philharmonie Merck perform in city

By Dr Luis Dias

One of the great joys of an orchestral concert at a diplomatic event in India is the all-too-rare opportunity to hear our national anthem in lush orchestral colour. When heard in full harmonic glory, the reason why our Jana Gana Mana was adjudged by UNESCO as the best national anthem in the world becomes self-evident.

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Annie Quadros all set to release sequel ‘Pearl – 2’

Annie Quadros the dynamic and versatile artiste of the Konkani stage presently a part of Prince Jacob’s troupe has won the hearts of Konkani tiatr lovers across the globe with her memorable performance in different roles.

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Tech Wiz in the Making

Winner of an IT competition in programming, Vinayak Joshi of GEC, Farmagudi speaks of his recent achievement.

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