Thursday , 15 November 2018


Tickling the funny bone


Christopher or ‘Comedian64’ – a that name stuck from childhood - was blessed with the knack of turning the most serious of statements into trifling, drawing laughs in the face of the most stressful or difficult of situations.

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Children Behave as well as they are Treated

By Shweta Patwardhan

In the suicide of 13-year-old Rouvanjit Rawla of La Martiniere School in Kolkata, the insensitive, inhuman and tortuous face of our education system has been laid bare yet again. Although several psycho-social factors certainly have contributed to such an unfortunate act by the young bubbly child, caning by the school principal is largely seen as the precipitating antecedent.

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Ten Happy Years

By Odette and Joe Mascarenhas

I love birthdays…and engagements…and weddings. It is celebration time, and here we were invited for the tenth birthday celebration of ‘After Seven’.  Now before you raise your eyebrows wondering what I am talking about, and why this birthday is so special, let me brief you on a few facts.

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Tiatr Review – By J P PEREIRA

Veteran tiatr artiste, C D’Silva, has revived his big hit of the eighties. ‘Bhangar’ in Konkani means gold, but in this tiatr, it refers to the dignity of a woman, be it a mother, a sister, a fiancée or wife. Rakesh is a womaniser, a thief and a criminal.

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Ravindra Kelekar: A fount of knowledge

By Maria Aurora Couto
Goa rejoices on the occasion of the official conferment of the Jnanpith Award on Ravindrabab Kelekar, an honour that was long due. The name of the most prestigious literary award of the country is taken from the Sanskrit, jnāna-pīṭha, ‘knowledge-seat’.

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Keeping Fit

Nowadays, everyone wants to get back into to shape soon after the baby is born. Mothers would like to regain their original slim figures within a few months. Though it maybe difficult to find time and exercise with a newborn, mothers who make the effort feel much better, as your energy level increases as well.

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A parish bound with music

By Priya Almeida
Music is one of those human activities that is noted for its ubiquity and antiquity and in tune with the same the St Sebastian Music School has been instituted. St Sebastian Music School is a part of Father James Torres Silva's ongoing effort to transform the parish of St Sebastian Church, Aquem.

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