Wednesday , 13 November 2019
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Violin Wizard

Sanya Myla Cotta, Goa’s violin wizard was recently in Goa for the Indo-German Confluence-2 Muskfest. She spoke to Dr Luis Dias about music and her plans for the future.

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Agacaim youth take crib to ‘Limca Book of Records’

By Pratima Achrekar| NT BUZZ
The crib displayed at the church of St Lawrence, Agacaim has been selected by the ‘Limca Book of Records’ for having a unique concept, it covers an area of about 370 sq mtrs with 47 mechanically revolving statues.

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The Dancing Diva

By Anuradha Das | NT Network
Sunday was witness to a breathtaking bharatanatyam ballet by actor danseuse Hema Malini. The show that was held in aid of the Medha Parrikar Rugna Seva Kendra, and was organised by Vardhan Art, event co-ordinated by Kalakruti, saw the timeless Raas Leela unfold to melodious music accompanied by poetic lyrics in chaste Brajbhasha, both composed by yet another legend, Ravindra Jain.

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Portuguese: Once the Lingua Franca of Bengal

By Maria de Lourdes Bravo da Costa Rodrigues

Portuguese lingua franca of Bengal? Yes. Are you surprised? Not only of Bengal, but it was also generalised throughout the country in other Portuguese settlements scattered all over the banks of the Ganges and on the lower parts of the Brahmaputra and of the various rivers that flow into them.

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When Mahatma Gandhi Rejected a Better Charkha!

It is not so well known, that the Mahatma wanted to increase the output by the charkhas, which his co workers used all over India and in April 1931 offered a prize of 1, 00,000 rupees for a new charkha, which should capable of being operated by one person and which could produce 15,000 yards of 40-count yarn within 8 hours of working

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Electioneering Manoeuvres

I had a long and fruitful talk with Dr Wilfred de Sousa, the Trinamool Congress (TNC) local chief , who, in a way, like Mamata, is scheming and stubborn. Dr Willy’s optimism is justifiable. TNC has eight ministers in the Central Cabinet; he made it a point to remind me. Mamata may have been rude to Dr Manmohan Singh, but Sonia-ji will be in no hurry to hunt the Bangla tigress. She has eight ministers in the cabinet: Railways, Shipping, Information and Broadcasting, Tourism, Health, Rural and Urban Development

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Making Democracy Vibrant

By Tomazinho Cardozo

For parliamentary or assembly elections the winning political party never secures more than 50 per cent of votes. In any constituency the winning candidate also polls less than 50 per cent of votes.

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Lighting Up the World

By Sadhguru

 Always in the world that which people logically understand as "useful" is held as the highest. This is a huge obstruction for humanity, which will not allow them to flower into the consciousness that ultimately is the only solution for human wellbeing.

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Change Your Lifestyle

By Dr Kasturi Desai

Today our lifestyle has become such that we are disconnected from physical work. A child of three is sent to school with a huge bag and he is supposed to maintain discipline and not move.

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