Wednesday , 27 March 2019


TAG’s Konkani Song & Music Awards 2018 presented in Panaji

NT BUZZ In order to encourage Konkani music enthusiasts to produce qualitative albums, every year Tiatr Academy of Goa presents the Konkani Song and Music Awards. This year, the awards were presented on March 13 at Institute Menezes Braganza, Panaji by the chief guest fadista Sonia Shirsat. Speaking on the occasion, Shirsat stated that such awards play a vital role ... Read More »

Edu Bedia– the silent stalker

The 2018-19 season started for FC Goa with one question: Who is going to fill the boots of Manuel Lanzarote? Lanza, as he is known created a stir in his first season with FC Goa and is still one of the best players in ISL. Lanza has starred for ATK but his venom did not have the reach with ATK ... Read More »

The Kur community

TENSING RODRIGUES Gaudo, may not be the only word that points to the shared ancestry of kumlbi, kunbi, kurmi, kurambi, kudubi, kurni, kanbi, kuruba, kurumba, etc. There could be many more. Sieving through the glossary, so meticulously collected by Thurston, Enthoven, Russel, Risley, etc I came across another word: cavdi (chavddi). Thurston writes: ‘Among both the Kurubas and Bedars, a ... Read More »

Policy of counter-terrorism

Shashi Shekhar Indian governments in the future will be expected to take Balakot-type action after terrorist attacks It was the summer of 2002. Memories of the attack on Parliament were fading, but the wounds caused by it were still raw. The armed forces of both Pakistan and India faced each other on the front. In those days, the sight of ... Read More »

The pen is indeed mightier than the sword

‘Ink of Dissent’ is noted author Damodar Mauzo’s 16th book. It is a book that will remain special as it is his first book written in English and one that isn’t based on fiction, but the current day realities. His critical writings on language, literature and freedom will be released by celebrated historian and writer, Ramchandra Guha on March 17 ... Read More »

Cabo Da Rama Fortress Goa’s tryst with Ramayana?

Sanjeev V Sardesai Among all the existing forts in Goa, the most expansive one is the Cabo da Rama in Khola, Canacona. It lies on an extended promontory that extends westward into the Arabian Sea. This fortress is supposedly named after the male protagonist of the Indian epic Ramayana – Sri Ram. In fact, Cabo da Rama literally translates to ... Read More »

Sensible eating for the superwoman

Rohini Diniz The next most important meal of the day is lunch. According to ayurveda, our digestion is at its peak at noon and our body is able to complete the digest-absorb-assimilate cycle, and there are many active hours to metabolise the food before we sleep. Skipping lunch on the other hand, slows down the metabolism which is not desirable ... Read More »

A roaring good time

NT BUZZ In order to mark International Women’s Day, Goan boutique VERY held a car rally from Panjim Gymkhana to Favela Goa – Bar and Kitchen, Calangute. This was part of their annual celebration ‘Dia De Women 2019’. Around 180 women from different fields participated in the event. Awards were given to the best decorated car, best group in the ... Read More »

Getting in the zone

Aldina Braganza Have you ever got into a zone where you lose yourself to the rhythm of what you are doing? A zone where you exist freely but perfectly. Your focus is acute and you are completely and totally involved that you lose yourself to the moment. Hunger, thirst and pain escape you. The purity of the moment is all ... Read More »

Positive changes for good health

Deepika Rathod We all have heard the saying ‘Change is the only constant’. Is it true? Are we changing for better or worse? Do you think the food changes that have happened of late are good? To me change is constant and it is good as well as bad. Changes in one’s habits, dietary changes, changes in the dependency on ... Read More »