Monday , 21 January 2019

Kurio City

Wrinkled Fingers

OUR fingers tend to wrinkle or swell when dipped in water for long. But why does this happen?
Our skin secretes an oily substance called ‘sebum.’ Sebum is generated within the cells in the sebaceous glands and gets secreted on the bursting of these cells.

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Blood Shooting

The Short-horned Lizard (Phrynosoma hernandesi) is a small lizard that lives in North America. This creature is best known for having one of the weirdest defensive mechanisms among all animals and that is its ability to shoot blood from its eyes.

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Ojaswi Phal Desai : Quick with numbers

Maria Fernandes
56+17+24+97+44+63+85+31+16+39 equals to what? “472,” says Ojaswi Phal Desai within seconds without batting an eyelid. In a day and age when using the calculator or our mobile phones to do calculations, is the norm, it is not only admirable but also very surprising that there are those who actually do their calculations mentally and accurately.

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Say NO to Drugs

Mohan, your not so-typical teenager of the modern times, smart in studies, polite to elders, does work/chores without any complaints, good in sports.. yeah, he was that type of kid, the kind who made his parents proud and other parents jealous.

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