Wednesday , 19 December 2018

Kurio City

The Fun Zone

At any time of the day, the traffic problem on 18th June Road is not just bad, but terrible. At peak hours traffic is bumper to bumper and the cacophony of car horns is simply unbearable. Cars are parked all along the road and there are some who actually double park.

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The rains have started again, and greenery is everywhere around. As I watch from my window, I see curtains of rain fall, splashing on the ground, now covered in a drape of green.

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A Leap Second

We added an extra second (called a leap second) to our clocks at 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) on June 30. Why are we messing around with our clocks? Well, let’s try to understand how we keep “time”.

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God Given Talent

A musical event themed, ‘God Given Talent’, was organised by Taught to Teach (TTT ) music school recently. 27 very talented musical bands, comprising 8 to 10 artists in each band played the guitar: rhythm; bass; and lead, the keyboard, trumpet, flute and drums.

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Icky Yucky Mucky !

By Natash Sharma
The Maharaja of Ickhtarpur aka Maharaja Icky has the foulest table manners ever seen. From glugging down soup and letting it trickle down his chin to snorting through sherbet and squishing fistfuls of food, his ill-mannered ways know no bounds. Even the mirrors of the durbar have cracked in disgust.

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