Wednesday , 24 April 2019

Kurio City

A Friend, Forever

By Lydia Pereira
The evening haze,
The sun setting along the horizon,
The city fading along the curve of the earth,
Fading and fading to kiss the sky....
On the other side,
The sea with its blue waters,
Merging along with the sky…

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Those funny college memories…

By Conchita Goes Proenca | NT Kuriocity
They say your college days form the most beautiful memories of your life. There come those funny times, just at the spur of the moment that could set people laughing till their sides hurt and create memories that could last a lifetime.

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Talk on poetry held at Carmel

A talk on British (Romantic) and American (Modernist) poetry by Dr Kamalakar Bhat was held at Carmel College for Women, Nuvem, on June 29. Dr Bhat is associate professor, Post-Graduate Department of English, Ahmednagar College, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra.

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Fix-It Fareeda

By Anita Pinto
Fareeda was seven years old. She was good at fixing things – pencil boxes, her brother’s cars, doll houses made of match boxes – she even fixed a leaky tap! She wanted to fix light fuses and mixers but her father said that she had to grow up a bit.

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A Walk to Remember

By Sumaya Katvelia
This summer vacation my cousin and I went on a Sar Pass trekking expedition organised by the Youth Hostel Association India. We had been making plans for some months and were very excited.

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