Friday , 19 April 2019

Kurio City

Technical careers

It is a myth that engineering is the only option for those inclined toward technology. Going beyond the typical engineering degree route, there are other career and education options available today thanks to the great infrastructural development that is taking place.  We will explore different angels of the technical industry, conventional as well as unconventional, in this article.

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The Stacey Brown Saga Continues

By Iris Gomes
Silver is for Secrets
Author: Laurie Faria Stolarz
Genre: Young Adult Novel
Publishers: Jaico Publishing House
Witchcraft became a catchword with many youngsters following the movie ‘The Craft’, as well as bestsellers like the Harry Potter series. Further,

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Youth of Goa Unite!

The future of any society depends on its youth. They are the young and restless and are a section of society that we can’t afford to neglect. Recently, we witnessed the outburst in Delhi after the gang rape of a young girl that led to our judiciary changing its laws for crimes against women, making them more stringent.

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