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Walk barefoot…

Well, I must say that most people will agree that life is totally unpredictable. In most cases no matter how much we plan in life there is something unexpected coming your way, and in all of this mess we forget to enjoy our lives! Presently, we all live the same, boring, monotonous life.

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Wonderful, wonderful technology

If you do happen to have a lot of money stashed, the Aero-X might be something to invest/waste upon. For dollars 85,000 you get a hover-bike capable of 45 miles per hour top speed.

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Talk by Ganesh Rane at Don Bosco College of Engineering

Ganesh Rane, former consultant and chief technical advisor of United Nations and CEO of RRR Industries, Mumbai stressed upon the need to gain hands-on experience in industries to become successful engineers. He was addressing second and third year students of mechanical engineering at Don Bosco College of Engineering.

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Making a career in dance

If you can't help but move to the music and express yourself through music then you might want to consider a career in dance. Art is no longer just a medium to satisfy one’s creative genius, but has emerged as a well-paying source of livelihood. Gone are the days when only a handful of professions such as medicine, law and engineering were considered to be respectable and well-paid. Students, now opt for new age, offbeat career options. You will find many youngsters wanting to be choreographers, DJs, radio jockeys and event managers.

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School Bag Library

There are some students for whom reading is a habit while there are some who read because only because they are told to. There is another section of students that wants to make reading a habit but it’s just not possible for them to do so. 

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No Freedom to Love

We call our society an educated and broad minded society. But when it comes to freedom of love we all become conservative and narrow minded. Our law gives us equal freedom but due to our selfish motives we sometimes don’t make use of this freedom.

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Bend it like Ronaldo

Dominic Soares from Cansaulim and Clencio Pinto from Margao, will be part of the 14-member team selected to undergo training in Buenos Aires, Argentina as organised by the IFB Boca football champs in order to sharpen their playing skills. Dominic Soares playing as midfielder and Clencio Pinto playing as striker are set to make the best use of this opportunity and regard this as a great chance to showcase their talents.

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April Awesomeness

If taking self shots with cats wasn’t enough, Kittyo described as the only product of its kind lets you remotely interact with your cat like never before. The unit which looks like it was picked up from ‘Back to the Future’ has all the bells and whistles to keep your cat literally on its toes/paws whatever!
Housed with the unit is a camera to record your cat, an audio speaker allowing you to talk to it, a laser pointer because cats can’t get enough of them and a food dispenser - more like tiny treats. Load the tray with your cat’s favourite treats and fire up the app on your smart phone and never be sad again for being ‘away’ from your furry friend. Things you could do with the device via your cell phone (iOS/Android) are: watch your cat, move the laser pointer around, speak to it, record and of course give it treats. Tamagotchi anyone? Source:
Watch always on?
LG is back again with little teasers on their upcoming smartwatch - G Watch. Due for release this year the watch will be based on Google’s Android Wear system. The company is quite proud of the fact that the watch will never sleep on you, compared to smartwatches from other manufacturers which require you to shake-to-wake the device or touch a screen or button. The watch is also going to be water and dust-resistant. 
One Album to Rule them all
The popular hip-hop artist Wu-Tang Clan is all set making waves with the release of just one album titled - The Wu – Once Upon A Time In Shaolin...

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Nirman 2014

The inauguration ceremony was presided over by retired IAS officer and current president of Jha Commission, V K Jha. He told students that the world is full of problems and it is they who could be the problem solvers.

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As I Look Back

So many years have passed traveling the long way to reach to this point. For many of us it was simple but for others it was full of hurdles and challenges. But we have to pat ourselves for traveling life’s journey with all its hurdles,

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