Monday , 24 September 2018

Kurio City

Makings Things Come Alive

Have any of you have watched a 3D (3 dimensional ) movie or played 3D games on the computer ? Ever wondered how you get such an effect, of objects flying out of the screen, or someone walking towards you. The effect seems so real that you actually duck or move a step back!!!

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A battle for a cause

Last week saw a wide and amazing display of festivities. But one which really stands out is the annual winter festival called Els Enfarinats, celebrated in the Spanish town of Ibi. So what is unique you will ask? Well it is a battle staged by grown men and the ammunition used is flour, eggs and firecrackers!

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Most searched in 2012

Yahoo! put out its list of the most searched terms for 2012, and its number one searched term was “elections” (the United States had its presidential elections this November). The next most searched was “iPhone 5” (Apple’s phone).

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Prateek Khullar: Making Planes Fly High

Maria Fernandes
The only school boy present at Quark 2011, the aero-modelling  competition organized by BITS Pilani Goa, was 15-year old Prateek Khullar, a standard IX student of Sharada Mandir School, Miramar. Not only did he compete with engineering students from Mumbai, Chennai,

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Five, four, three, two, one....another year will soon begin!!! At every new year’s celebration I  watch the suspense of the crowd reach a climax during the countdown which ends with people erupting with screams of happiness and new year wishes, while the tune of Auld Lang Syne resounds across the dance floor.

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Green Red and Gold

There are several colours which are traditionally associated with Christmas- namely red, green and gold. Most the colours and their meanings come from the western/northern European traditions and customs, when Christmas is in the middle of winter and it’s dark and cold.

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