Saturday , 17 November 2018

Kurio City


Man’s need to shelter himself has always been a priority. Since Goa has been ruled by different dynasties of different faiths, the houses along with other things have been influenced by this diversity, both the traditional Hindu houses, as well as the acquired Europe influenced Goan houses of the Portuguese era. In this article, let us look into a typical Hindu house and its features.

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Abu Talib Khan: A Powerful Punch

Maria Fernandes
The Sports Authority of India conducts various activities and schemes to promote sports in the country and one of them is the ‘Centre of Excellence’ scheme. Only players of calibre and those holding medals at national and international levels are eligible for this scheme.

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Towards A Better Earth Day

The earth is dying slowly! Aren’t we all aware of it? Take a look around.The animals are becoming extinct, the ice is melting, the earth is warming up, healthy people are falling sick, the climate change is aggravating problems like mass migration and overcrowded cities.

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Songkran with a Splash

Asian countries seem to have the most fun when it comes to celebrations. This was amply demonstrated last week when Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Burma ushered in their cultural New Year, with a giant, free-for-all, water fight!

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