Wednesday , 23 January 2019

Kurio City

My pet boa, Chinu

By Shrusti Heblekar
It was a sunny Sunday morning and my parents, Jyoti and Rohit, were up at the butterfly park that we have. My brother, Tanmaye and I were studying when a neighbor rushed to our place to inform us about a snake that had entered his house.

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Bunking and college life

By Anisha D’Souza | NT KURIOCITY
Often, the best memories are those of college days. There is no fun to equal the fun we have in college, whether it is the best friends we make, the semesters we pass with due scholarly efforts, or the bunking that we indulge in.

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Ms Croft before she got so tough…

By Nolan Mascarenhas
Now I’m sure at least one out of both your parents won’t mind this article or for that matter you playing it on your console. It’s Ms Croft after all at what she does best. We all remember her famously portrayed by Angelina Jolie on the silver screen.

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Dreams of a medical career

By Kuldeep Acharia
My two years in Aryaan’s higher secondary straightened my crooked conviction that intelligence and perseverance combined with enough funds would be sufficient for me to realize my dream of wearing a white coat.

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Healthy Food vs Fast Food

By Meetali Agnelo Pires 
I will not be wrong if I say junk food is a creation of the modern world. In simple words food that looks attractive, is tasty but which makes us sick is junk food. Take for example burgers, French fries, chips, oily fast food and even biscuits are all junk food. 

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