Thursday , 20 September 2018

Kurio City

Now and forever

Conservation of artefacts may sound like a job dealing with art, heritage and history. But the fact is, more than anything else, it is a field that calls for a scientific background.
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By Alaistair J D’Souza
There are very few games which are part of a series that just keep getting better with every instalment. Batman Arkham: Origins is fortunately one of those that don’t fail to deliver.
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What is Exam Stress?

Stress is natural part of being human. It’s your body responding to changes in the world around you. It changes how your body works and puts your mind into different moods. When you’re getting stressed about an exam - it just means that you really care about the result you will get.
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Cinnamon-a miraculous spice

By Richa Narvekar
Today I would like to view upon a spice known to be one of the world’s healthiest – cinnamon.
It is a very old spice and was so highly treasured that it was considered to be more precious than gold and due to a very high demand it become the first commodity to be traded regularly between the north-east and Europe.
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The Mail Coach Passengers

By Hans Christian Andersen 
It was bitterly cold. The sky glittered with stars, and not a breeze stirred. “Bump,’ an old pot was thrown at a neighbor’s door - and, “Bang! Bang!’’ went the guns, for they were greeting the New Year.
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Know Your Bling

By Meher Castelino
These are the most popular for adding a shine to your clothes. Sequins are lightweight so even a whole metre of fabric covered with it which is called sequin sheeting will look good for a dress or gown.
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DBTV takes education to the next level

Don Bosco used communication tools of speaking, writing as well as theatre to get across to his students. Today, Don Bosco College, Panaji has launched its educational TV channel dbtv thereby taking a big communication leap by using TV as a source of communication and education amongst its student community.
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