Thursday , 18 October 2018

Kurio City

PTA meet held at Our Lady of Merces HS

NT KURIOCITY Our Lady of Merces High School, Merces held its annual PTA meeting. The meeting began with principal, Fr Remedious Britto Furtado, headmaster John Fernandes and other members lighting the traditional lamp. A motivational dance ‘Go light your world’ was presented by students after which teacher Sharmila said a prayer. In his speech principal, Fr Remedious Britto Furtado highlighted ... Read More »

Get rid of uncommon stains

Ninoshka Alvares-Delaney After an overwhelming response to my last article on how to remove stains, I thought of mentioning a few more stains that are not as common, but as onerous nonetheless. It turns out that I’m not the only person who broods over stained clothes. A stain on your favourite shirt can be quite disconcerting. Before I begin, I ... Read More »

Meet Goa’s young game designer

Star of the week RAMANDEEP KAUR | NT KURIOCITY Panaji-based Neelay Kamat, a class 8 student from Mushtifund High School has been programming and making complex games on Scratch for the last two years.  Scratch is a visual programming language for making games and videos. Right from his early childhood, Neelay was fascinated with computers. After observing his parents working ... Read More »

Even massive stars fall like a feather

Over 400 years ago, the famous scientist Galileo Galilei climbed to the top of Leaning Tower of Pisa and dropped two balls of different weight. While you might expect the heavier ball to fall faster, he actually found that they both hit the ground at the same time. This was a big discovery; it showed us that the mass of ... Read More »

World’s beaches eroding in protected marine areas: Study

The world’s sandy shorelines are declining in protected marine areas which could threaten plant and animal species and cultural heritage sites, a global survey of beaches with satellites data from NASA and the US Geological Survey shows. About 24 per cent of sandy beaches worldwide are eroding, while 27 per cent are growing, showed the findings published in the journal ... Read More »

Young innovators of Goa

Every final year student has been a part of a group to work on a project wherein they explore their ideas, creativity and work hard to develop some interesting and useful plans. NT KURIOCITY bring readers the details of some engineering final year projects RAMANDEEP KAUR | NT KURIOCITY Working on final year project often gets the best of you ... Read More »

Learn to decipher the past

NT KURIOCITY History may not interest many of us, but for enthusiasts uncovering the past, always seems interesting. An opportunity to know the basics about the oldest Indian script is now open to Goans with the one-day workshop in Introduction to Indian Epigraphy and practical learning of 2000 year old Brahmi Script to be held on July 15. Sawani Shetye, ... Read More »

The internet and teenage secrets

Dr Kedar Padte “Why are you sulking?” I asked my friend Dr Tension and added “you look like a bereaved mackerel.” He said: “My subconscious mind is in turmoil as I have no solution to the problem presented to me by the parents of teenage boys and girls.” As a psychiatrist, Dr Tension tends to psychosocial problems of young adults. ... Read More »

Model English HS batch of 1984 holds get together

NT KURIOCITY The 1984 batch of Model English High School, Margao organised a get together for ex-students and teachers at BPS Club, Margao and felicitated all the teachers who had taught them during their school days. The event received overwhelming response from ex-students who travelled all the way from Melbourne, Manila, Muscat, Mumbai, Kolhapur, Bengaluru, and Belgaum besides the locals. ... Read More »

Chowgule College’s TNT makes it to The Red Bull Spotlight college band hunt

NT KURIOCITY The college band of Parvatibai Chowgule College, Margao – TNT – has been selected for the finals of the Red Bull Spotlight, a nation-wide programme to identify and support talent across various fields. Competitions were held in nine cities across the country, namely, Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Guwahati, Goa and Pune – with one band emerging ... Read More »