Sunday , 16 June 2019
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Team LegoGoa wins ‘Most Inspirational Team’ at FLL Robotics Championship

Team LegoGoa won the ‘Most Inspirational Team’ Team Work-Core Values Award at the First Lego League (FLL), Robotics (Western Zone) Championship held in Mumbai and was listed in the top ten teams. More than 400 students aged between nine and 16 across the West Zone participated in the competition which included Maharashtra, Gujarat and Goa.

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GHS Morpirla celebrates annual sports day

Government High School Morpirla held its annual sports day. Chief guest for the function was leader of opposition, Chandrakant Babu Kavlekar. In his address Kavlekar congratulated the staff for working hard towards the upliftment of the students and for securing 100 per cent SSC results for the third time.

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Eyeliners: Types and tips 

Roanna Silveira Eyeliner has been around for millennia. People from Egypt and Mesopotamia wore eyeliner as early as 10,000 BC, with both men and women lining their eyes to define them and protect them from the sun. Modern eyeliner came into use around the 1920s and since then eyeliner has been an iconic part of makeup, used by both men …

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Science behind day to day observations

Kedar Kulkarni Raju went to his friend’s birthday party on Saturday evening. His friend lit a candle on the cake and Raju observed that the candle flame always pointed upwards even if the candle was held horizontally, it pointed upwards even when the candle was shook.

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Mind your language

As we celebrated International Mother Language Day yesterday, NT KURIOCITY spoke to youngsters to know why it is important to speak, read and write in one’s native language; how one can learn the language outside school and college and what should be done to improve students’ spoken and written knowledge of the languages

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Is your child ready for a pet?

Maria Fernandes Most children connect easily and quickly to animals, many would like to have a pet, and there are still others who literally want to have a zoo at home! “My 8-year-old daughter,

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