Saturday , 7 December 2019
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Live and let chirp


Our early mornings are usually incomplete without the chirping of the house sparrows in our backyard. They lovable creatures have become so intertwined with our childhood memories, songs and stories.

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Gudi Padwa celebrated in unique way


By Bhiva P Parab

Mopa village of Pernem taluka celebrated Giroba Utsav on the day of Gudi Padva. Giroba Utsav which is celebrated at Baracho Chawatho in Mopa is a unique way of celebrating Gudi Padva and is followed by the villagers since ancient times.

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A festival of Goan folk dances


It is vital to preserve and promote the rich folk dance forms that are abundantly found in societies. The same need is also felt in Goa. The reason to nurture and propagate these unique dance forms which are performed by the local people in colourful attires is because these dances are so connected to our festivities.

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A ‘Fat’ Greek repast

By Odette and Joe Mascarenhas

 What surprise does one have in store for one’s husband after celebrating 29 valentines together? Roses…cards…gifts?

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Master of disguises returns to Goa

PANAJI:  ‘To Mee Navhech’ is a cult drama, which has been popular on the Marathi stage for almost half-a-century and has the distinction of its central character played by one person – Prabhakar Panshikar – since its inception, barring few exceptions. The drama also has to its credit use of a revolving stage for the first time on Marathi stage and a full-length courtroom enactment.

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‘Singers have to adapt to the demands of changing times’

PANAJI – Stressing on the need to strike a balance between age old traditions and demands of the modern age, the celebrated playback singer, Suresh Wadkar on Monday said that music is a very serious entity, and expects undivided attention from a disciple. “Unfortunately, the new generation parents have different priorities for their children and hence cannot digest this system,” he added.

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Through the medium of film


The students of St Xavier’ College Mapusa, Mass Communication are hosting the second edition of their film festival-‘IRIS 2010’ today. Named after a cinematic term, IRIS just like the aperture of a camera hopes to cast a glance at the world through the student’s perspective and in some cases even throw light on an issue. If the first year of the festival was a rather low key affair with the participation limited to just the final year students of the host college, the second year is being organised on a broader platform.

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The Personal trainer, tuned to the fitness mantra


It probably all began with the super svelte bodies that exploded on the Bollywood screens in this first decade of the 20th century. With Salman Khan’s biceps, Shah Rukh’s six-pack and Kareena’s size-zero figure suddenly everybody was tuned in to the fitness mantra, bringing with it a demand for a new professional – the Personal trainer – to guide Indians in their quest to exchange the extra flab and unfit image for a sculptured silhouette.

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Tiatr Review Amchoch Dhorm Kiteak Alta

By J P Pereira

Simon Gonsalves has written and directed this Lenten play, which points out the various evil deeds we do, while still trying to depict ourselves as good Christians with high moral values.

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