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Dressing for Travel

By Babita Mehta

Any seasoned traveller would know that it is much warmer in Australia in October than it is in Austria. Also, what works in New York could raise a lot of eyebrows on the streets of New Delhi. And yet, it is remarkably easy to get it all wrong.

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Bowled Over

By Odette and Joe Mascarenhas

I am talking about the sounds of fulfilment that yours truly made as she descended a swanky new place at Miramar.

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Easy rider

As the icon for bikers, the Harley-Davidson, makes its appearance in India, Ranjita Biswas recalls a ride on the bike

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Investment Plan…. 365 Days

By Amita Quenim

 Introducing a new “Investment plan”, with definite returns, a request, to every parent to invest in this plan for your children and yourselves.

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Sip and Dine the Goan way

BY Odette and Joe Mascarenhas

 Sip and Dine, that is what Nancy Fernandes has called her small eatery…Lourencos Sip and Dine. One can see Omar Khayyam seated with his glass of wine -

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Soccer Legend

Camilo Gonsalves is a legend in Goa football. Having played for almost a quarter of a century, his scoring skills left everyone thunderstruck. He talks about what lacks in Goan football and his favourites for this World Cup.

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My Green space


The pre monsoon showers were a blessing, bringing relief from the draining heat, driving many with the enthusiasm to do more…to do some thing green in anticipation of the cool lush days ahead.

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Tiatr review by J P Pereira

V Creations maiden venture is a new tiatr written and directed by Bro Onassis D’Cruz. The drama titled ‘Tiatr Suru Zata….’ is a fine entertainer with messages on various ills that plague society today.

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Audio Review by J P Pereira

Konkani Classics Revisited Vol 1 and 2
After many years, SA RE GA MA India Ltd have released two audio albums of Konkani popular music. These are modern versions of former Konkani classics from Alfred Rose, Chris Perry, Frank Fernandes and M Alphonso.

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The Hat-trick Queen

Few may be aware that Yolanda D’Souza popularly known as the hat-trick queen, also played for the women’s World Cup in 1981 apart from being in the runners up team in the 1979 Asian Football championships. She speaks about Goa’s entry into football, her climb in football and of the present World Cup.

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