Monday , 17 June 2019
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Tiatr Review – By J P PEREIRA

Veteran tiatr artiste, C D’Silva, has revived his big hit of the eighties. ‘Bhangar’ in Konkani means gold, but in this tiatr, it refers to the dignity of a woman, be it a mother, a sister, a fiancée or wife. Rakesh is a womaniser, a thief and a criminal.

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St Anne Fest to be Celebrated on August 1

By Zoya João
Saint Anne (Ann, Anna) is the traditional name of the mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Jesus’ grandmother. The name Anne in   Hebrew is Hannah which means grace.

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Ravindra Kelekar: A fount of knowledge

By Maria Aurora Couto
Goa rejoices on the occasion of the official conferment of the Jnanpith Award on Ravindrabab Kelekar, an honour that was long due. The name of the most prestigious literary award of the country is taken from the Sanskrit, jnāna-pīṭha, ‘knowledge-seat’.

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Keeping Fit

Nowadays, everyone wants to get back into to shape soon after the baby is born. Mothers would like to regain their original slim figures within a few months. Though it maybe difficult to find time and exercise with a newborn, mothers who make the effort feel much better, as your energy level increases as well.

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A parish bound with music

By Priya Almeida
Music is one of those human activities that is noted for its ubiquity and antiquity and in tune with the same the St Sebastian Music School has been instituted. St Sebastian Music School is a part of Father James Torres Silva's ongoing effort to transform the parish of St Sebastian Church, Aquem.

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Importance of Completing

By Amita Quenim
Michelangelo attempted 44 statues in his life, but completed only 14. These include masterpieces like David in the Piazza of Florence, the Pieta in the Vatican Basilica, and Moses.  The 30 unfinished sculptures, however, are in their own way as interesting as those that became classics.

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The Zodiac 12 ….the Tiger roars

odette and Joe Mascarenhas
There are 12 months in our calendar…and twelve animals in the Chinese Zodiac, and 2010 is the Year of the Tiger. Why did this number 12 get fixed in my mind? Was it just coincidence that we feasted on 12 items from the menu which is now being showcased at the Goenchin? And what is the importance of the tiger in this system?

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Peter-Roshan has released a new play after many years. ‘Goem Soddun Paulem Ghanttar’ is about Goan girls who fall for the charm of migrants and many-a-times mess up their future.

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Wilmix-Sharon’s movie set for mega release

By Gasper Crastot

A new Konkani feature film produced and directed by Goan singer Sharon Mazarello is set for release.

The film entitled ‘Tum Kitem Kortolo Aslo?’ (What would you have done?) has subtitles in English, and has been passed by the Indian censor board. It will be released in Goa soon.

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