Friday , 19 April 2019


The Zodiac 12 ….the Tiger roars

By odette and Joe Mascarenhas

There are 12 months in our calendar…and twelve animals in the Chinese Zodiac, and 2010 is the Year of the Tiger. Why did this number 12 get fixed in my mind? Was it just coincidence that we feasted on 12 items from the menu which is now being showcased at the Goenchin? And what is the importance of the tiger in this system? There is the legend of the Jade king.

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Little green steps

Many people no longer seem to trust the vegetables sold in the market nor are they willing to let their backyards become barren. This was evident from the overwhelming response received for the kitchen garden workshop held at Goa Chitra on the July 18, 2010.

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A tribute to a teacher

Late Vinayak G Mahatme, the founder of Institute of Instruction High School, was a man with a passion for teaching. He took upon himself the mission to educate the underprivileged and deprived youth.

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‘Prince Jacob’ the King of Comedy


He may be a prince of the stage, but at home he is just a simple man. He is called the ‘King of Comedy’, but off-stage he is contemplative and dons a serious look. Two diametric traits converge into one when you meet Miguel Jacob Carmo Luis Fernandes, aka ‘Prince Jacob’.  

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Talking movies

Movies are nothing but a process of telling a story. It all depends on the filmmaker and on how he/she interprets it. The two aspects of a movie are content and technicality.

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Which restaurant does one patronize? It all depends on the food. Especially ‘When-it’s’ tasty. Introducing Venite’s…no that would be the wrong word, Venite needs no introduction.

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