Monday , 18 February 2019


Math made easy


 Mathematics is rarely everyone’s cup of tea. But as Dean Schlicter says, ‘Go down deep enough into anything and you will find mathematics’. It is inescapable. Right from rigorous mathematical classes in schools to having to do often taxing mental calculations when you go shopping, our every transaction has got something to do with numbers.

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Masci’s Corner

Tangy and spicy-Ambot-tik

Ovita of Avanti recommends….

The Tamarind (Tamarindus indica) (from the Arabic: tamar hindi = Indian date) is used in many of our local preparations to give it the tangy flavor.

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Sao Joao grind creates a splash

Light showers, strong winds, an overcast sky and excitement in the air! Sao Joao was celebrated with much gusto in Goa. To celebrate the spirit of Sao Joao - Goa’s rain festival, Muzic Matters and Riveira de Goa in association with beverage leaders Tuborg organised the Tuborg Sao Joao Grind on June 24 at Riviera de Goa in Arpora.

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Candolim Sangodd today

Mapusa: The annual Candolim Sangodd that is held to celebrate the feast of St Peter and Paul will be held this year at the Orda jetty. The Sangodd will begin at 2.30 p.m. sharp with a small prayer being said and hymns sung at the Holy Cross Chapel at Orda. 

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Find your peace with Tai Chi

So far whichever forms of martial art we have come across, most are aimed to train ourselves for defence.  However, Tai Chi is a form of Chinese martial art, practiced to distress oneself, attain peace of mind and brings us out from unhealthy feelings.

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Protect your Hair

By Aroona Reejhsinghani
If you want to prepare your own shampoo, then dry and powder the seeds of custard apple and mix with equal quantities of powder of whole green mung dal. Make into a paste with buttermilk or skimmed milk and used on the hair as shampoo.

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Blending of literature with literacy

Books are a man’s best friend as we grow up with them and they in a way become our companions for life. It’s very important to inculcate the reading habit among kids as it can help to explore their creative side that is hidden due to constant exposure to multi-media.

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A Riveting Thriller

Film review by Sachin Chatte

Film: Edge of Darkness

Cast: Mel Gibson, Ray Winstone

Directed by: Martin Campbell

Duration: 117 minutes

Rating: * * * 1 / 2

 From the director of Bond films like ‘Golden Eye’ and ‘Casino Royale’ comes a riveting thriller and certainly one of the better we have seen from Hollywood this year. Based on a television series, the story may not be exactly unique but it is the execution that keeps you entertained throughout the film.

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