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Towards Sustainable Celebrations

Ganesh Chaturthi, the festival that celebrates Lord Ganesh and his various forms is now just around the corner. The buzz is visible at market places, shopping malls, and definitely our homes.

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Old Blocks, New Paths

By Shweta Patwardhan
They are chips off the old blocks, yet carving their own niches, Proof that mamma's boys and daddy's girls aren't always averse to putting in the hard mileage. Meet a new breed of up-and-coming youngsters who have no qualms about treading their own paths, emerging from the shadows of their established, high profile parents. Here's why each of them clamour for identities of their own.

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Tango Argentina

Inspired by the macho Gauchos of the South American Pampas plains and the music and dance in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Wendell Rodricks presented his first ever all men’s fashion showing for the very first time in his career of 22 years. 

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Video Reviews

by J P Pereira

Ek Lahr

 Cat Video, Margao has released a video film by Joseph Pimenta. ‘Ek Lahr…’ is a tale of a selfish egoistic woman, who will go to any extent to achieve her desires.

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Teachers felicitated by GPCC


As the part of teacher’s day celebration, the education cell of the Goa Pradesh Congress Committee felicitated six best teachers in state.

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Taking pictures in the wild

By Joao Sousa M

A K Sahay, a senior banker by profession who is also a prolific writer and leading wildlife photographer with 25 years of experience in the field recently released his second book, ‘Glimpses from India’s natural world’ at Carmel College for Women,

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Adding colour to festivity


An interesting part of the Ganesh installation is the presentation kept in front of the idol. The presentation in local parlance is called ‘dekawa’. It can be done in an ornate or simple manner, depending on the scale of Ganesh celebrations.

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TAG to support Non-Commercial Tiatr Troupes

In the meeting of the Executive Board of Tiatr Academy of Goa (TAG) held on  September 8, it was unanimously resolved to give financial support to Dramatic Troupes participating in the yearly Tiatr Festival organised by Kala Academy Goa.

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Two-day classical music festival held

The Government of Goa, Directorate of Art and Culture, Panaji in collaboration with Pt Firoz Shah Dastur Memorial foundation, Thane organised a two-day classical music festival at the Goa State Museum, Panaji.

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All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society announces 83rd annual exhibition

All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society, New Delhi has announced the 83rd Annual All India Art Exhibition, which will be held in two parts in December, 2010 and January 2011.  Part I will encompass the All India Painting and Sculpture Exhibition where as part II will deal with the All India Drawing and Graphics Exhibition. 

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