Thursday , 17 January 2019


Globalisation of Curry

By K D L Khan
Curry belongs to Indian cuisine and our gourmets state that there are nearly 200 authentic curries in India ranging from the Chettinad chicken curry of South India to the Yakhni mutton curry of Kashmir.

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Gota Work—The Pride of Rajasthan

By Dr Vijaya Lunia and Gagan Bhalla
India, the country has fine heritage of culture, tradition, art, music, literature and does exhibit “Unity in Diversity” - through variegated charms of festivals, rituals, art, music, costume and languages.

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Blow the Vuvuzela

By Odette and Joe Mascarenhas
Well the World cup fever is on…and Joe seemed to require a thermometer, especially when Shakira shakes to her Waka Waka anthem. Well I was given to understand that the term means ‘Do it’ and so with the news that there was a special menu created for the FIFA fever, I decided to treat my better half to something that he truly loves…food.

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Audio review by J P Pereira

All Time Party Hits
Here is a collection of dance music released by Rock & Raaga Productions (India) Pvt Ltd, Panaji. The album ‘All Time Party Hits’ has 21 dance tracks that will make you put on your dancing shoes.

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Tiatr review by J P Pereira

Pal Soares presents another impressive drama. This prolific writer has something different to present each time he releases a show. ‘Xelli…Punn Sandleli’ deals with the various groups or sects that have divided the catholic faith and the lack of unity between Christians because of misunderstandings.

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Cross Border Love

By Zofeen T Ebrahim
“She will not be able to pursue her dreams,” observes Karachi-based Shirin Imani, about Indian tennis star Sania Mirza’s recent marriage to Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik amidst much controversy and media hype.

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