Monday , 20 May 2019


Great exponents of dance and music to perform at Pravah

For two years now, the India International Rural Cultural Centre, New Delhi and Kala Academy-Goa have been organising ‘Pravah’- a music and dance festival. This year it will be held on September 4. A fruitful stage for fresh talent, students of various art forms come together to watch professionals perform. Aficionados of classical dance and song make it a point to attend it.

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TAG to conduct orientation courses in dramatics

The Tiatr Academy of Goa (TAG) will organise orientation classes in dramatics for artistes interested in knowing more about tiatr, its song and music. The orientation courses will touch on different aspects of tiatr such as script writing, lyrics composition, direction, acting, stage setting, background music, light effects, make-up etc.

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Dress Sense

So you have reached the top rung of the corporate ladder. You now have to rub your fashionable shoulders with those CEOs and MDs from MNCs. Is your sartorial style up to corporate standard? Are you aware of fashion’s do’s and don’t? Or do you rely on the guidance of your friendly neighbourhood darzi or department store salesman?

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Breathtaking waterfalls of Canacona

Normally, the rains prevent people from indulging in outdoors activities. But if you come to the enchanting waterfall, called ‘Bamonbuddo’, you are bound to be smitten by its beauty so much so that the monsoons will not come in your way of trekking to beautiful sights like these. Seated at the feet of Ambheghat, in Gaondongrem, Canacona, this waterfall is a wonderful spot where hundreds of picnickers, both locals and tourists, vist, especially at this time of the year. 

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Science Congress workshop on Land Resources

The ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India, through the NCST wing in association with the State Science and Technology Council will play host to the 18th
Children Science Congress on September 3 at Goa Science Centre. Around 100 schools will be participating in this event.

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Over the Flames

By Odette and Joe Mascarenhas
India, Turkey, Iran, Armenia, Pakistan, Afghanistan…Transcaucasia, Balkans, Middle East, Central Asia, Burma and Bangladesh… No I am not going to refer to a sporting event. These places do have one thing in common…..the tandoor.

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The Masandevi Jaatraa of Narve

By Rohit R Phalgaonkar

In Goa one finds various deities and myriad forms of worships. Some deities found in Goa are very rarely found in the rest of the country. For example the worship of Devki-Krishna, Devki the mother of Lord Krishna is worshipped along with her son Krishna, is a rare and unique deity in India.

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Protect your Hair

By Aroona Reejhsinghani

If you want to prepare your own shampoo, then dry and powder the seeds of custard apple and mix with equal quantities of powder of whole green mung dal. Make into a paste with buttermilk or skimmed milk and used on the hair as shampoo.

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A pot of curd and a lot of enthusiasm


Govindaa aala re aala

Zaraa matki sambhaal brijbaalaa…

This is a common line sung on the occasion of Gopalkala. Gopalkala or Dahi Handi is a major festival celebrated in the state in the holy month of Shravan.

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