Monday , 20 May 2019



‘Soimbacho Khell ani Patkiancho Mell’


 Nature often takes on the role of a judge and convicts those who have committed grave sins and yet go scot-free. Nature literally plays with the destiny of law breakers by creating natural disasters like landslides and literally block their way in order to assemble all the sinners at one place; hence the title ‘Soimbacho Khell ani Patkiancho Mell.”

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Curbing climate change

It takes only a step to start a journey of a thousand miles. Similarly, if we come together and work towards a global cause then we can be sure to see wondrous results and the one change that needs to be addressed with utmost concern is climate change.

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Goa: the land of tiger worship


The identity of any place is not restricted to its current picture; rather it has a lot to do with its history, and especially its natural heritage. Goa, for instance, has a lot of natural heritage that is not yet explored to its full capacity.

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An end to discrimination

By Carmo D’souza

Fifth October 1910 is s significant day in the History of Portugal- as its reigning King Dom Manuel II was deposed by a coup d’etat. The supposed to be the constitutional monarchy was put to an end and replaced by the Republic. That was a politically unstable exercise as proved by the course of history.

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Making a Glamorous Impact

By Ranjana Kakodkar

Every night at 9 p.m. we congregate in our living rooms, bang in front of our much cherished television set for the news. We listen with fascination as the news anchor apprises us of the situation in Iraq, talks about what is unfolding in the local stock markets and narrates an anecdote of how the baby elephant in one of our national zoo’s, went on a wild rampage. Let us all, take a closer look at what happens behind the scenes of this exciting job.

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Chandan awarded coveted Licentiateship


Chandan D Naik Gaonkar is a name that many might not have heard of. He has been active in the field of photography since he moved out of the Goa College of Art, Altinho, some seven year back. 

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Prisoners of circumstances

We may not be confined within the four walls of a prison cell, but we are all prisoners of circumstances. We need to transform ourselves and our surrounding in order to live a free life. This is the underlying message writer and director of ‘Bondkhonn’ gives us in this well conceived tiatr.

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‘Vaskuchim Lharam’ pays tribute to Goa’s port town

The parish priest of St Andrew’s Church, Vasco, Rev Fr Jose Antonio Da Costa is a multi-faceted personality who has rendered yeomen service to the people of Vasco. He is talented and musically inclined.

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‘Republic of Portugal helped Goan Hindus’

Historian, Percival Noronha is among the few who has thoroughly studied Goa’s history. He relates how Portugal’s move from being a monarchy to a republic impacted Goa’s social structure, especially the Goan Hindu community
Portugal became a republic on October 5, 1910 and within four days the news had reached Goa.

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From Asian Teens, With Love: Healthy Meals

By Naunidhi Kaur
The lower level meeting room near the gymnasium was abuzz with activity at the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) in Mississauga, Ontario. A group of 10 women had been informed by their caseworker that the Meals with Love youth would be visiting them for a presentation on healthy eating and will be handing out hampers of locally-grown produce.

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