Friday , 24 February 2017


Thoughtful landscaping

Ujjwala Sinha Preservation of topsoil is the most important step towards sustainable landscaping. Then next important step is to identify the native vegetation and try to preserve it. It is not always possible to preserve all existing trees when you are planning to develop a site. It is thus wiser to plan the development in that zone where there are ... Read More »

An album of ‘Contemplative Guitar Music’


Keith Antao, a young musician, singer and artiste from Utorda has released an album of instrumental music played on the guitar. The album titled ‘Contemplative Guitar Music’ has 14 tracks that are pleasing to the ear. The album begins with ‘Mhoje Devak Argam Hanv Ditolom’, a prayer of thanks for the goodness that the musician has received. Next is ‘Doriachea ... Read More »

An audio album with a difference


An audio album from Neville Pereira is always something different. ‘Naina’ the latest CD with 9 songs rendered by talented singers has pleasant music and arranged by Neville. The album starts off well with the catchy love song, ‘Ieo Moga’ sung by Neville. ‘Kaise Kahoon’ is a duet in Hindi by Poornima and Pascoal de Calangute; Lawry Travasso sings ‘Mogak ... Read More »

Various faces of Shanti

NT BUZZ Art exhibition ‘Shantii’ presenting the paintings of artists Osborne Carvalho, Manjunath Naik, Aditi Pande and Gail Gelburd was inaugurated on February 5, 2017 at Carpe Diem Art Gallery, Majorda. The exhibition titled ‘Shantii’ centered around various interpretations and meanings the word. Chief guest, AG Krishna Menon said that the exhibition is fascinating. “I am not a Goan but ... Read More »

Milord raises objections

The makers of Jolly LLB 2 on Monday were ordered to delete four ‘objectionable scenes’ from the courtroom drama after a three-member panel appointed by the High Court agreed that it ‘showed lawyers in poor light’. Please like & share: Read More »

A Quest for the ‘good’

The Difficult Dialogues are back for the second edition with the question ‘Is India’s Health a Grand Challenge?’ Among the many speakers and panellists who will be dissecting this question is author and public commentator Gurcharan Das. He will deliver a talk on the topic ‘Difficulty of Being Good’ on February 11, at MOG – Muesum of Goa at 8 p.m. in conversation with NT BUZZ he speaks of what being good is all about

  Janice Rodrigues| NT BUZZ   Being good can be a very subjective idea, and the human race has grappled with this notion from the time civilisation came into existence. Gurcharan Das, a prolific writer, social commentator and the former CEO of Procter & Gamble India, has tried to scrutinise this very idea of good and bad in his latest ... Read More »

Protecting Goa’s religious heritage

The Goan churches and temples are on the must-see list of every traveller. They are known for their unique architecture and the history embedded in them. But, with time these monuments are falling prey to change. Delving on such topics is the Seminar ‘Safeguarding of religious built heritage in Goa’ at Fundacao Oriente on February 9. NT BUZZ talks to ... Read More »

The ‘Bong’ connection

Vivanta by Taj, Panaji is all set to bring you authentic flavours and recipes from West Bengal as part of the ongoing Bengali Food Festival which will go on till February 12. Don’t miss this chance to savour fresh water fish preparations, simply yet well flavoured vegetable preparations and the heavy yet delightful Bengali sweets Please like & share: Read More »

Finding history in translation


Writer, translator D A Smith from Houston, Texas, was in Goa to host a lecture on the Portuguese poetry of Goan poet Laxmanrao Sardessai. Smith holds BAs in Creative Writing (Sam Houston State University) and Chinese Studies (University of Houston), and writer of the novel ‘Axis Mundi Sum’, has also recently translated Orlando da Costa’s novel ‘O Signo da Ira’ ... Read More »

Reality check


Musician and hospitality trainer, Jonathan Sequeira took on the writing challenge which led to his first novel ‘Pseudo’. A psychological thriller set in an Indian metropolitan city and in Goa, the erotic- realism book is set against a backdrop of a slowly degrading society and one that is surviving on the short term. NT BUZZ in conversation with the author ... Read More »

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