Thursday , 22 June 2017


Tankam Suttka Diat

Tankam Suttka Diat’, the new tiatr from Elvis-Carmen is a tale of two siblings caught in a maze of happenings. The story recounted with many twists has a good dose of suspense that keeps the viewer wondering ‘What’s next?’ This tiatr has a different story with good presentation and a cast that impresses. The curtain opens on Brian waiting for ... Read More »

Tiatr Review JP Pereira

‘Jivitacho Arso’ Francis de Dicarpale has recently released a tiatr titled ‘Jivitacho Arso’. This one is quite a stunner! The play with the impressive opening act till the beautiful climax has lots to tell and is packed with superb entertainment value. Yet another police personnel, Francis de Dicarpale, displays his talent on the Konkani stage. The opening scene of the ... Read More »

The accidental facet of the monsoons

It is June 11 today and monsoon showers have lashed Goa in the past few days. The season in Goa will continue for the next three months. Along with cooler climatic conditions and an amazing ambience, there comes a package deal of effects of poor infrastructure, roads and more? NT BUZZ speaks to a few people to know what they ... Read More »

Save the environment: adopt a plant

SAWE organisation has conducted a plantation drive ‘Adopt a Plant’ for all Goans. Speaking to NT BUZZ, Charan Desai, a social activist from SAWE tells us more SACHI NAIK | NT BUZZ SAWE (Study and Awareness of Wildlife and Environment) has organised a plantation drive ‘Adopt a Plant’ that can be called the first-of-its-kind for its concept of nurturing the ... Read More »

Comedy in the rain

NT BUZZ ‘Haq Se Single’ comedian Zakir Khan performed in front of a lively audience at the jam-packed Dinanath Mangeshkar Kala Mandir, Kala Academy. The seasonal showers couldn’t dampen the spirits of those present at the show as Khan’s humour ensured they left grinning like Cheshire cats. The show was predominantly Zakir’s narrative that took the audience through his own ... Read More »

FILM REVIEW Sachin chatte

Mummy’s day out   Film: The Mummy Cast: Tom Cruise, Russell Crowe Directed by: Alex Kurtzman Duration: 1 hr 50 mins Rating: * * The Mummy is a reboot of the series that was popular in the early part of the previous decade, there have been films even before that involving Christopher Lee in 1959 and Boris Karloff, as early ... Read More »

City-wide e-waste collection drive underway

NT BUZZ “Maintenance of data and fair knowledge is required to look after the environment. People of Goa look upon Goa State Pollution Control Board as the gatherer of the truth. The delayed impact of disposing off e-waste has cost us a lot. Hence, there is a responsibility on all of us to handle the environment with care,” said Dharmendra ... Read More »

‘My profession is my priority!’ Sammy Tavares

Deputy Superintendent (DySP) by profession and a tiatr writer-director by passion come together in a unique combination of Sammy Tavares. He recently released a tiatr based on his profession, titled ‘Police Officer’. In this chat with NT BUZZ, he points out that his profession remains his priority despite getting onto the tiatr stage and talks about his latest dramatic offering ... Read More »

Portraying nudity as beauty – Susan Alice Lobo

Artist Susan Alice Lobo has learnt traditional forms of art in countries like Japan and China, yet she has chosen simple theme of portraying a woman’s beauty for her upcoming exhibition at Carpe Diem that will begin on June 9. With the title ‘Alice’s Wonderland’, she will portray her imagination in the form of nudes. Speaking to NT BUZZ, Susan talks about her ... Read More »

You can live twice… through organ donation

Until now people interested in donating their organs did not know much about where and how they can register themselves as a donor. With the launch of a web link by Indian Medical Association (IMA) donors will get an opportunity to voluntarily donate their organs and save lives. NT BUZZ finds out more about the organ transplant scenario in Goa ... Read More »

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