Saturday , 23 March 2019


‘Zannvayechi Zhor’ to be released

Dalgado Konknni Akademi is releasing a book ‘Zannvayechi Zhor’ in Roman Konkani today, January 20 at 4 p.m. at the Tiatr Academy Conference Hall, Campal Trade Centre, Campal, Panajim. It is a unique book translated from English by noted Konkani writer, Bonaventure D’Pietro. Please like & share: Read More »

Tiatr REVIEW – JP Pereira

Pavlar Pavl Marun Nicky de Ambora has released this tiatr for a short while in Goa after staging the debut show in Dubai and three shows in London.  The show depicts a family feud over the issue of properties. Please like & share: Read More »

Punjabi community celebrates Lohri in Goa

The Punjabi fraternity of Goa celebrated Lohri which is a cultural festival of north India. Present at the celebration was DGP, Muktesh Chander; IG, Jaspal Singh, brigadier Atul Sharma, admiral Beecha and former dean, GMC, Jindal. Please like & share: Read More »

Challenging conformity

A group of 19 students from Carmel College For Women, Nuvem are putting together a tiatr titled ‘Lok Kitem Muntolo?’ today at Ravindra Bhavan, Margao. NT BUZZ gets more details about the tiatr that tackles important issues Please like & share: Read More »

Towards a selfless path

The old church at Sancoale came to life on the feast day of St Joseph Vaz. The day saw several devotees gather from various parts of Goa to seek blessings from the saint. Please like & share: Read More »

Explore science at SCI-FFI

“The recently celebrated Makara Sankranti is not just a traditional festival in our country. It indicates a change in nature which tells us something about science. Please like & share: Read More »

‘Will focus on Tasneem’s personal journey’

I had been reading about their final season for months, way before they approached me,” beams Nimrat Kaur, ecstatic that she has earned a place again in the eighth season of the popular show, Homeland. The actor, who played Pakistan’s Inter- Services Intelligence officer Tasneem Qureshi in the fourth edition, will reprise the role in the Claire Danes starrer. Please ... Read More »

Behind the mask

With his latest show ‘Mask UN Mask’, artist Querozito de Souza continues his fascination with the various masks that humans put on, finds NT BUZZ Please like & share: Read More »

Singing praises

Alongside , another ceramic exhibition will also open at the gallery on January 17.  Titled ‘In Praise’, it seeks to give great women in history, the honour they deserve Please like & share: Read More »

Before the calling – St Joseph Vaz’s childhood 

VENITA GOMES|NT BUZZ Known for many miracles St Joseph Vaz lived a humble life. Through his teachings and practice he touched many. “It is believed that no wish goes unanswered if you ask the saint whole-heartedly to intercede and therefore, the people of Goa have deep faith in him. People today still visit the saint’s home in Sancoale and the ... Read More »