Sunday , 25 February 2018


Vincy Quadros releases two books – ‘Rong Birongi Nokhetram’ and ‘Rong Birongi Fulam’

NT BUZZ Two books of Vincy Quadros,  the participant of All Languages Poetry Conference, enlisted by the World Book of Records, London, will be released at the Black Box, Ravindra Bhavan, Margao on January 28. Till date Vincy has written 25 books, 8 collection of short stories, 7 stories / novels for children and youth, 7 translations, one religious compilation, ... Read More »

Goa’s float doesn’t make it to Republic Day Parade

The 69th Republic Day Parade in New Delhi will have floats from across the country’s different regions displaying the rich cultural diversity of individual states and union territories. Unfortunately, this year Goa won’t be a part of this dazzling celebration. NT BUZZ finds out about the Goan floats of the past and talks to individuals who played an active role ... Read More »

More than just bird watching at Goa Bird Festival

SACHI NAIK | NT BUZZ The Goa Forest Department in association with Goa Tourism Department, Economic Development Corporation (EDC) and Goa Bird Conservation Network (GBCN) held the second edition of Goa Bird Festival from January 12 at Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary. The festival focused on conservation of birds and raising the attention of nature lovers and general public towards birds and ... Read More »

The never-ending Taxi saga of Goa

The agitating taxi operators have finally found respite –more time to install speed governors in their vehicles. The general public is crying foul and cannot comprehend how the government is unperturbed about the way taxis owners fleece people in the state. NT BUZZ gets the pulse of people NT BUZZ They’ve got their way, yet again! This time, deputy speaker ... Read More »

Explore everyday-Goa through varied art

Three artists: Inacio Alvares, Joseph Franco and Arnesto Borges will be exhibiting their artwork at the Kala Academy today. NT BUZZ in conversation with the three artists about the techniques and medium they have used and the theme of their works VENITA GOMES | NT BUZZ Hailing from different parts of Goa, three artists – Inacio Alvares, Joseph Febian Franco ... Read More »

Learning to identify birds by their calls

NT BUZZ The second Bird Festival held at Cotigao saw ornithologist, Sharad Apte speaking on the topic ‘Bird Calls and Songs’. He presented the sounds of common as well as rare birds to enlighten the audience about the tweets and chirps and the associated behaviour of that bird. Any vocal or non-vocal sound made by a bird can be classified ... Read More »

Kristanv Ami? – TIATR REVIEW JP Pereira

‘Kristanv Ami?’ is Cajy de Curtorim’s latest release. The tiatr looks into the hypocrisy practised by followers in the Catholic faith and the power and goodness of our mighty God, when people trust in him. Joaquim and Antonette a rich couple live with Willie, their only son. They have amassed the  wealth from running a bar. The family goes to ... Read More »

Go and eat Tapas!

They might be festive appetisers in Spain, but tapas have certainly gained a global appeal, not just for family parties but also while dining out with friends and family; not without a couple of drinks, laughter and conversations. A visit to Vero Cibo at Novotel Resort & Spa to check out the greatness of the ‘little contemporary delicacies’ was certainly ... Read More »

Aiming for the top sport

Adolf Fernandes is gearing up to compete at the national level Honda Navi Customania competition. Having a keen interest in repairing and fixing bikes since his early years, he has now spent over 20 hours in making creative and innovative changes to his bike. NT NETWORK reports Diana Fernandes I NT NETWORK Rachol-based Goan Adolf Fernandes is set to compete ... Read More »

‘Two Fathers’ highlights parenting struggles of Einstein and Gandhi

‘Two Fathers’ that has been rehearsed in Goa and Imaya Shows plans to take it to Mumbai and other metro cities, focuses on the personal lives of two great minds, Albert Einstein and Mahatma Gandhi, and their troubled relationships with their children. The play, while exploring little known details from their lives, is universal and audiences can connect to it ... Read More »

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