Saturday , 22 September 2018

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Chef who dropped anchor in Cuncolim


Entrepreneurship – you either have it or you don’t. Mr Sanjay Fernandes, who started as a kitchen helper on a cruise liner, seems to have it in large-sized dollops. This resident of Cuncolim returned home from the ship, where he held a relatively good post as pastry chef not to start one business but five.

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How a Mutual Fund Works

What are the parameters on which a Mutual Fund scheme should be evaluated?

Performance indicators like total returns given by the fund on different schemes, the returns on competing funds, the objective of the fund and the promoter’s image are some of the key factors to be considered while taking an investment decision regarding mutual funds.

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Designing it from the inside!


The outside of a house is for others to see. The inside is where you live, so it has to be better if not the best. Interior designing is an art and craft much in demand in a world where families want to live in peace, harmony and style.

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Glitter and gloss

By Shoma Patnaik | B&C

If you are planning to buy some gold jewellery, now could be a good time for it. Stores are going empty because of a seasonal slack, so personalised and undivided attention is on the cards for any customer stepping in.

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Running around in circles

By Michael Fisher | B&C
Out of the 28 companies recently reported, only two or may be three new companies have so far invested in Goa from 2011 till June 2012, and the rest are existing companies that have used HPCC process to embark upon expansion and upgradation programmes, a fine way to pull the wool over the eyes.

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DesmondJi breaks Tequila monopoly

By Michael Fisher | B&C
Bombay-born Mr Desmond Nazareth, an IITian from Madras, studied and worked in the US for 18 years in the fields of filmmaking and computer software, and returned to India to pursue some of his dreams. His reputation for making terrific cocktails in the US preceded him when he moved back to Bombay in 2000 – he had always liked to play variations on popular cocktails.

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