Monday , 25 March 2019

B & C

Slow road to revival

Prawn or shrimp farming is an attractive proposition throughout India with cultivators certain of high returns. In Goa, the sector is just reviving after a crash, discovers Shoma Patnaik
Despite increasing prices,
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Many prawn farms shut down

The year 1991-1998 was boom period for prawns/shrimps in Goa when about 45-50 farms were functioning and producers made robust profits. Farming then was carried out both traditionally and non-traditionally; in salt pans, near the sluice gates, etc.
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Iron ore: Pumping up production

Even as Goa gets ready to pump out 20 million tonnes of low-grade iron ore, the going is not expected to be as good as before as big companies around the world expand production to meet demand and China cracks down on local companies using stockpiles as collateral for loans. B&C brings you news from all over the world.
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How much annuity can I expect?

By Deepak Yohannan
Inflation seems to have a mind of its own these days as it races ahead, raising the prices of everything in sight. Consequently, it is hard enough planning for the coming year; planning for a retirement that is decades away is harder still. Many eventual retirees set their sights on annuities as a way to get through the non-earning years. There too, one is plagued by questions: 
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