Sunday , 18 November 2018

B & C

In troubled waters

It’s been almost a year since Goa’s ban on mining came into force. With practically no business, the shipping industry has been hit badly. About 1,200 ships were being handled in Goa during the financial year,
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Strong as steel

By Michael Fisher | B&C
When Ashok Kharangate established Vasco Steel Traders in 1976, little did he know that he was stepping into a world recession that prolonged till 1982.  The price of steel then was Rs 12 a kg and Goa needed approximately 2,000 tonnes a month. 
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Hot-mixing Goa’s roads

By Sanjay Borkar | B&C
With the monsoons in the final stages of its retreat, the government is gearing itself to kick start the process of tarring the roads that have taken a beating during the wet spell. In fact, work on some lanes has begun, with potholes being filled with asphalt before a carpet of tarmac can be laid out.  
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Shopping along Mandovi’s promenade

By Jason Soares | B&C
Last week, the Mandovi promenade sprang to life and was abuzz with activity. The 10-day fair, known as the ‘ashtimichi feirry’, is held annually between the intervening period of ‘ashtimi’ and Ganesh Chaturthi. Traders congregate from different places at the fair that is usually held at Campal grounds.  
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