Monday , 20 May 2019

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A ‘sleeping’ giant

Having established itself as a leader in mattresses and other comfort products, Bandodkar’s Home & Lifestyle is all set to move to the next level with its own e-commerce portal Read More »

Burn that fat!

Eating the right veggies and fruits and embracing Zumba is a sure ticket to fitness and fighting belly fat, writes MICHAEL FISHER Read More »

Medical safety net

With today’s hectic and stressful lifestyle, taking a health insurance for you and your family would seem to be a wise investment. The health insurance sector has evolved in recent times, with companies now offering cashless claims that can be quite beneficial. As we anxiously wait for the government to notify the new Health Insurance Scheme, MICHAEL FISHER scratches the ... Read More »

Keeping a close watch

IT expert Sandeep Prabhudesai chose to quit his job in Mumbai and returned home to Goa to set up a company which specialises in CCTV systems with smart functions, writes Michael Fisher Rivona is Goa’s most scenic village throughout the year will make you appreciate the beauty of ‘go slow’. Subhash Prabhudesai, now in his 70s, remembers being called back ... Read More »

A future in kitchens

The decision to start manufacturing furniture is a smart business initiative by S C Volvoikar whose unit, Classic Décor at Mapusa Industrial Estate, has had a smooth take-off, finds out SHOMA PATNAIK The furniture market in Goa is changing in profile. Double incomes, the shift to flats and the concept of good living is altering the way a customer views ... Read More »

Relish the ‘Shravan thali’

Hotels are on to a good thing — the traditional Shravan veg thali and other businesses are climbing on to the festival bandwagon too, discovers SHOMA PATNAIK If you step into Hotel Delmon in Panaji on a Monday these days then it is impossible to not miss the crowd of people waiting in the foyer. Ask around and discover that ... Read More »

Hand crafting a God

By Smriti Kothare Mardolkar | B&C In Hindu culture, before starting any new venture or anything afresh, Ganesh puja is a must. Ganapati heralds auspicious beginnings. Some families and households perform Ganesh puja as a tradition that is carried forward from their ancestors till date. With Ganesh puja slated for the month-end, people start planning their budget as prices of ... Read More »

When the lights go out!

By team B&C The monsoons are a time when power outages are a common phenomenon. Blame it on snapping of overhead wires or some other excuse, there is not a day that goes by without one instance of a power failure. And when electricity decides to do a vanishing act, especially during the night, one is all of a sudden ... Read More »

‘Goa’s quality road network reduce stress on cities’ 

The real estate market in Goa continues to be robust with huge demand for housing from non-residents as well as locals. The commercial property market is similarly thriving due to companies looking to set up offices and shopping arcades. Read More »