Saturday , 15 December 2018

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New Hyundai Santro to replace Eon

The upcoming revamped Santro, codenamed AH2 as on date, is set to take the place of the Hyundai Eon which will be moved out of production from December 2018. The Eon was launched in 2011. It is now seven years old, has not received any upgrades over the years. Please like & share: Read More »

Strong and steady

Small fabricating unit, Siddharth Engineering Works founded by Mangaldas Ganpat Naik, Priol, is in an enviable position in terms of business, discovers Serilda Coutinho Goa’s industrial landscape is made up of large number of small units that despite being tiny contribute significantly to the local economy. One such enterprise is Siddharth Engineering Works, a fabricating unit in Apewal, Priol, owned ... Read More »

Challenges of restarting Goa mining

PK Mukherjee* mulls on a long lasting legal solution for restart of mining activities in the state I t’s almost 6 months since the (in)famous Supreme Court judgement of February 7 was delivered whereby, the iron ore mining operations in Goa was again (first closure was in 2012) stopped effective 16th March, 2018. The consensus developed over the last 6 ... Read More »

Empty gesture in Mudra loans

Anticipated to help small entrepreneurs obtain bank loans, the Mudra loan scheme in Goa is hit a road-block of defaults and non-takers, finds out Shoma Patnaik In its third year of existence the Prime Minister Mudra Yojana (PMMY) scheme in the state is faring badly. Loan disbursements under the scheme have gone for a toss in 2017-18, plunging 40 per ... Read More »

New safety features for upgraded Ninja 300

The highly popular Ninja 300 is now available in upgraded version and open for bookings, reports Serilda Coutinho   Ninja bike lovers will not have to shell out a bomb anymore to own one of the best selling of sport bikes. The latest upgrade of the Ninja 300 is cheaper by about 15 per cent adding to the allure of ... Read More »

The other flavours of equity funds

By Tensing Rodrigues Apart from the ‘market cap’ of the stocks in which they invest, there are other aspects along which the equity mutual funds (MFs) can be categorized. It is these that define the remaining categories of MFs. The first of these is the ‘Dividend Yield Fund,’ an open ended equity scheme investing minimum 65 per cent in dividend ... Read More »

Marketing roundtable for hospitality professionals

Senior professionals from the local hospitality industry participated in a hotel marketing roundtable organised by Blurb, a marketing agency, operating out of 91Springboard, Panjim. Please like & share: Read More »

The road less travelled

Are you the kind who, when travelling, wants to soak in the ambience of the place? Do you wish to walk down narrow streets that traverse close to people homes and take a swig of the local drink? Please like & share: Read More »

Reeling in customers 

With fishing a popular sport in Goa, it is smooth sales for the handful of fish equipment dealers in the state, reports Serilda Coutinho For several residents fishing is an art carried over generations and comes along as a leisure activity on weekends. To keep up to the enthusiasm of anglers, the dealers selling fish equipment have invested in the ... Read More »

Futsal turf for soccer enthusiasts

Futsal enthusiasts have something to look forward to as an indoor futsal turf recently opened at Caculo Mall, Panjim. The 6000 sq. ft pitch on the 7th floor of the Mall has artificial grass imported from Europe.  It also has floodlights for night games and cage netting not to mention breathtaking view from the top most floor of the building.    ... Read More »