Monday , 1 May 2017


Heat and Dust: The fate of Sonshi

Sonshi, a tiny village situated at the foothills of Western Ghats has been in the news for the arrest of locals who were peacefully agitating against rampant movements of mining trucks. The tiny village in the midst of mines lacks basic facilities, discovers Bhiva P Parab during a visit. Raising their voices for clean drinking water, clean air and health ... Read More »

“Demand for tiles is expected to remain strong until 2022”

Company officials of Asian Granito India Ltd., India’s third largest tile company recently came down to Goa for the launch of a showroom. In a brief interview Kamlesh Patel, chairman and managing director, talks on range of issues. He says to Shoma Patnaik that, overall it is a growth market for tile producers in India What do you think of ... Read More »

Keeping traditional Goan cuisine alive

Fisherman’s Cove at Calangute has come a long way in popularity since the early days of it being set up, finds out, Joseph Pinto Two childhood friends with only a dream in mind to open their own restaurant started a small shack about nineteen years back. They had no knowledge of the food industry and no backing in finance from ... Read More »

Queries answered

By Tensing Rodrigues*   Let me answer a couple of queries from readers before I proceed any further. A reader asks, ‘Does there exist any method to calculate today’s value of an amount mentioned in 1880?’ I suppose you are talking about the value of a property. To my understanding there are two ways in which this may be done. ... Read More »

Best seller small car zooms ahead

The Maruti Suzuki Alto is zipping ahead on Goan roads after being voted as the best seller car (all-India) for the 13th consecutive year, discovers Team B&C Nifty Maruti Alto is everywhere on Goan streets. It is likely to be the most common car parked near housing colonies and along main street. Recently the Alto once again emerged as the ... Read More »

SIAM in damage control over BS IV norms

After stating that the automobile industry is geared for BS IV vehicles, SIAM has now pleaded before the SC to review the judgment banning BS III vehicles, finds out Team B&C The Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) has filed a review petition in the Supreme Court (SC) in the judgement issued for BS III vehicles. In the review petition, ... Read More »

Who can solve the garbage problem?

During Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar’s previous term, a solid waste treatment plant was a dream which became reality. For the villagers of Saligao, Pilerne and Calangute it was a nightmare anticipating sludge trickling down the slopes of the hill and stench in the air. Today, a month away from marking the first year of operations, the Hindustan Waste Treatment Plant ... Read More »

Are we on the verge of losing Kashmir?

Karan Thapar Are we “on the brink of losing Kashmir”, as former home minister P Chidambaram has claimed? Or is that disturbing statement an exaggeration? There is, of course, a third possibility. Was Chidambaram deliberately using provocative rhetoric to draw attention to the crisis in Kashmir? The facts are not conclusive but they are suggestive. Let me recount them but ... Read More »

There is such a thing as too much money

R Sukumar Newsrooms, including the one I am part of, are deeply, sometimes obsessively interested in the funding rounds of start-ups. Sure, deal stories are always interesting, and the staple on which a newsroom focused on business and economics makes its name, but I have always believed that it is important for journalists to step back and look at the ... Read More »

In the valley, the darkness deepens

Ramachandra Guha In the autumn of 2015 I visited the valley of Kashmir. Militancy was down, and there were few soldiers on the streets of Srinagar. One could drive around the city and its environs quite freely without being stopped. On that trip, I found students fired with the idea of azadi, freedom. However, older Kashmiris sought a modus vivendi ... Read More »

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