Thursday , 24 August 2017


Modi can speak a little more to Indian media

Karan Thapar Some journalists have all the luck. Adam Roberts, the former South Asia bureau chief of The Economist, reveals in his recent book Superfast Primetime Ultimate Nation that he had multiple interviews with Narendra Modi during the five years he spent in India. Some were recorded when Modi was chief minister of Gujarat but several after he became prime ... Read More »

India needs education, not just schools

Rajesh Mahapatra It was June 2008, when news broke one fine morning that 38 people had been killed in a deadly Maoist attack on a boat carrying greyhound commandoes from Andhra Pradesh through a water reservoir along its border with Odisha. It caught my attention instantly, because the scene of the attack – Chitrakonda – was where I had spent ... Read More »

The Congress needs a new slogan and India needs a new opposition

Barkha Dutt It took less than 15 hours for Nitish Kumar to resign and return as Chief Minister of Bihar with his old partners as his new allies. It took less than two hours for the BJP – which slotted a parliamentary board meeting timed to the exact moment of Nitish Kumar’s resignation – to welcome him back to the ... Read More »

A dozen ways to scuttle a gram sabha

Frederick Noronha Gram Sabhas are again in the news. Over this week and the last, some village dwellers would have held the mandatory meetings of these rural councils. Like our assembly and parliament, we however find only the bare minimum number of meetings are held by these village bodies. But, the manner in which even these few are sometimes gone ... Read More »

The transgender rights bill is not strong enough

Dhrubo Jyoti Imagine yourself 14-years-old, experiencing dysphoria in your body and gender expression that is triggering violence and repression at home. You meet a sympathetic community outside but the law of the land ties you to your natal family. You try and get a certificate to convince the courts but the medical officer doesn’t think you look transgender. The hearings ... Read More »

Who are Vidyadhara?

“There was the lord of the Vidyadhara, Jimutavahana by name, a good son of Jimutaketu, who sacrificed his life to Garuda. From him was descended the Shilahara family, the best among the royal families of Simhala.” Thus read the verses 11 and 12 of the Kharepatana plates of 1008 CE we saw last time. [Mirashi, 1977: Corpus Inscriptionum Indicarum, Vol ... Read More »

Review: Daring to Drive by Manal al-Sharif

Manjula Narayan There are moments in Manal al-Sharif’s ‘Daring to Drive’ that are truly frightening. Like when secret service men turn up at her doorstep in the middle of the night and insist she accompany them to the Dhahran police station: In the shadowy darkness, all we could see were men, crowding around my front stoop, pressing forward. They had ... Read More »

Wind-Up Penguin Theatre Company (UK) in Goa

Luis Dias Ever since the beginning of Child’s Play India Foundation (, a music charity working to instil positive values and social empowerment to underprivileged children in India that is now in its seventh year, we are on the radar of young musicians worldwide who want to work in this sector. In December 2015, we were contacted by Abi Heath ... Read More »

1 billion daily active users for WhatsApp

Prajyot Mainkar WhatsApp has announced that it now records 1 billion daily active users. This news was revealed a month after it announced that one billion people use WhatsApp every month. The Facebook-owned service also announced that it marks 55 billion messages per day, 4.5 billion photos and 1 billion videos. The announcement also quoted that the messaging platform now ... Read More »

Alert on falling sperm counts

Nandkumar M Kamat Human sperms are in news. WHO specifies normal seminal parameters for males; The ejaculate volume should be minimum 1.5 mL( millilitres). Concentration of sperms should be minimum 15 million spermatozoa/mL, total number of sperms should be minimum 39 million spermatozoa per ejaculate. Four percent sperms should be normal forms, 58 percent sperms should be live, 32 percent ... Read More »

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