Thursday , 24 August 2017


People you are likely to meet at tech events

It’s not just gadgets, even the folks at such events are worth watching Rajiv Makhni There is a pattern, an actual pattern that tech event attendees have. My favourite game at a tech event is to take a slice of pizza in one hand, a bottle of water in the other and then sit down at the side of the ... Read More »

Lenovo Vibe B, Blackberry Aurora smartphones announced

Prajyot Mainkar Moto G5 Plus will launch exclusively on Flipkart on March 15. The phone comes with 5.2-inch full HD display featuring Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection. This dual-sim phone comes with 2GB and 3GB variations with 32GB storage, and 4GB RAM variation with 64GB storage. The storage can be expanded up to 128GB using a microSD card. It has ... Read More »

KFD virus to hit full state

Nandkumar Kamat Kyasanur Forest Disease (KFD) is in news again but it might have been in Goa since 1989. It is caused by KFDV – a RNA bearing flavivirus. Viruses carry information rich molecules like RNA and DNA. So they need to be defeated only with knowledge. Goa government masked deaths due to KFDV by smartly classifying them under ill ... Read More »

Arsene Wenger has been leaving on borrowed time for too long

RICHARD WILLIAMS The football club Arsène Wenger might have managed – and still might – did him a favour this week. Just 24 hours after his Arsenal team stumbled out of the Champions League, defeated 10-2 on aggregate by Bayern Munich, Paris Saint-Germain stole the headlines by crumbling in the face of a Barcelona assault that amounted to one of ... Read More »

Breaking the shackles of discrimination

March 1 was a day of Zero Discrimination. In retrospect NT NETWORK brings you some of the work done by NGOs to help break barriers and include people who are not what society terms as ‘normal’ JANICE RODRIGUES| NT NETWORK Would you share a table at a restaurant with a transgender person? Would you let your children play freely with ... Read More »

No more questions, we’re on twitter

Karan Thapar Let me start with an admission. I don’t use Twitter and often joke that those who do are twits. Indeed, for me, the term hashtag used to be rather misleading. So I have to say I’m stunned by the way politicians have taken to Twitter and made it their favourite form of messaging. It’s not just our own ... Read More »

Guilty till proved innocent?

Poulomi Banerjee In September 2006, Parvez Ahmed Radoo, son of a college professor, left home in Kashmir to pursue a PhD in Pune. He had already completed his post-graduation in Zoology from the University of Pune. Radoo took a flight to Delhi and was scheduled to travel on to Pune. But officers of the Special Cell of Delhi police detained ... Read More »

Kowtowing before bigots and bullies

Ramachandra Guha On the last day of this year’s Jaipur Literature Festival (JLF), writer Taslima Nasrin made an unexpected appearance. The session she spoke at was titled Exile, but her name did not appear on the programme. The session went off without incident (albeit under police protection) but, as word got around of Nasrin’s presence, a group of Islamic fundamentalists ... Read More »

How many Goans does it take…

Frederick Noronha You might not suspect this, but being a volunteer editor on the Wikipedia can be rather addictive. Before you realise it, you spend hours on it. It works this way especially when you begin to understand the logic behind it, and get the high from doing it (more or less) right. As in cricket, you are fighting the ... Read More »

Their votes count, but women don’t

Lalita Panicker Have you ever been to a party where everyone is at pains to avoid one particular subject? They will go round the mulberry bush as though the very mention of it would break up the proceedings and the person from whose lips the subject might ensue would have rained on everyone’s parade. Every other subject, howsoever inconsequential will ... Read More »

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