Thursday , 24 August 2017


Why label them drop-outs?

Frederick Noronha Last week, on account of a series of mixed coincidences, I found myself at a small function at Santa Inez. This was being held to celebrate the successful completion of a course in home-nursing organised at Aldona, Bardez. The home-nursing course is run by St Bridget’s Institute of Home Sciences, at Santarxett, just where the road to the ... Read More »

On stalking, the State has a largely male viewpoint

Mrinal Pande What is the State from a woman’s view point? I once asked a woman MNREGA worker in Rajasthan. Sarkar? She looked at me quizzically. Hamare liye to sarkar matlab ala afsar jo majuri deta hai, ya bada neta, jiski sarkar hai. (For us the State means a high official who pays us our wages, or the top political ... Read More »

The Dhangar Dynasties Of The Deccan

Tensing Rodrigues   As I scoured for sources of information on the dynasties of the Deccan, I came across a blog titled ‘Vijayanagara Kingdom And Goa’s Sangam Dynasty’, dated sometime 2012.[] Out of sheer curiosity, I began reading it; it was indeed interesting. According to the blogger, the Sangama dynasty that laid the foundation of the Vijayanagara empire originated in ... Read More »

Darkness and Shades of Grey

Luis Dias My godchild in the US turned 21 a few months ago this year. As a mutual acquaintance happened to be visiting and offered to take something for her, and because I know she loves reading about history, I scoured Broadway bookstore for something appropriate. And my gaze alighted on Shashi Tharoor’s latest book “An Era of Darkness: The ... Read More »

Amazon marks 1 million Nokia 6 registrations

Prajyot Mainkar Nokia 6 was announced in India in June for `14,999 and bookings began exclusively on on July 14. Amazon has now announced that the phone has over 1 million registrations ahead of the first sale which is scheduled for August 23. This is indeed a massive count for Nokia, who’s reappearing with a new face value. The ... Read More »

70 Years of Science in India

Nandkumar Kamat Indian science’s defining moment came in 1991 when India shocked US media by building worlds’ second fastest supercomputer PARAM 8000. A US newspaper exclaimed in its headline: “Denied Supercomputer, Angry India Does It”. Publishable, peer reviewed science fired by patriotism and aimed at universal human welfare hasn’t been much successful in post independent India because a majority of ... Read More »

Bolt- The only man in Ali’s league

MARTIN SAMUEL We’re missing him already, obviously. Now Usain Bolt has surrendered his place at the summit of athletics to a drugs cheat in the sprint, and a runner whose nationality went on sale to the highest bidder in the 200 meters, the sport already knows what it has lost. When he stepped  off the track for the final time ... Read More »

Eunice de Souza – In Her Own Voice

Eunice de Souza was a prolific poet in the English language and has contributed tremendously to the development of Indian English literature. She passed away on July 29 2017, and here is a tribute from a former educationist Marie Raj “Tell me Mr Death Date, Time, Place…” Ominous words from ‘Learn from the “Almond Leaf” (2016). An appointment made on ... Read More »

Beating the drums of patriotism too loudly

Karan Thapar There are times when I despair for my country. One such is when intellectuals, sporting heroes and senior ministers say the silliest things in the belief they’re making good sense and, even, expressing profound sentiments. Last Sunday at a function in Jawaharlal Nehru University, the vice chancellor called for a tank to be parked on the campus to ... Read More »

Victims of sexual violence need more than funds

Indira Jaising Laws relating to social justice often express the pious hope, in the form of non-mandatory timelines for completion of trails. For example, the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005, lays down a timeline of three months for the completion of the case. Any lawyer will tell you that it is difficult to see conclusion in three ... Read More »

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