Saturday , 21 July 2018


Lending a Goan voice

Frederick Noronha It has been said that the people of Goa have written in as many as 13 languages. That comment probably came from Peter Nazareth, the writer (of Goan ancestry, but he’s also very proud of his African roots) whose pioneering 1983 anthology first showed the English-speaking world that Goan writing was indeed a sustainable and significant category in ... Read More »

Making of a heartless nation

Shashi Shekhar Not just Delhi, it would appear that the entire country has become heartless. I am writing these lines with mixed emotions of sadness, anger and shame. It seems that the Indian civilisation has put its good qualities on the back-burner and joined the blind race for economic progress which is meaningless without the safety of its citizens. If ... Read More »

Siva in Indus-Sarasvati Valley

Tensing Rodrigues The Mohenjo Daro steatite seal no 420 portrays a figure with three (or four) heads, seated on a platform in a yogic pose “with legs bent double beneath him, heel to heel, and toes turned downwards. His arms are outstretched, his hands, with thumbs to front, resting on his knees”. Crowning his head is a pair of horns ... Read More »

A Gopi, goddess or Krishna’s divine consort -Radha’s many shades

Soma Das The love of Radha and Krishna is immortalised in temples, Pahari art, classical music and dance, and through the festival of colours – Holi. But while there are several references to Radha in popular culture, she makes fleeting appearances in scriptures. Radha is referred to as a special gopi in Jayadeva’s poetic composition Gita Govinda, as Krishna’s consort ... Read More »

Bridge of Voices

Luis Dias In October 2014, I was one among 150 delegates from 28 countries (and the only one from India) chosen to participate in the first of its kind, a four-day International Sistema Teachers’ Conference organised by Sistema Scotland in Stirling. It offered me a unique opportunity to meet like-minded individuals also committed to music education and social empowerment, from ... Read More »

Science And Technology For Sustainable Future

Nandkumar Kamat Science and technology for sustainable future is the theme of National Science Day (NSD), February 28, 2018, celebrating the completion of nine decades of discovery of the Raman Effect. And to achieve a sustainable future we need visionary scientists and technologists like C V Raman. Goans would be very happy if student of Vidhya Vikas Academy, Margao, 13 ... Read More »

Girls breaking barriers on ice

“Most people in India don’t even know that the sport exists. My friends in college in Delhi University ask me what ice hockey is. Once I was invited as a speaker along with vice-captain of the Indian cricket team Rohit Sharma on a panel. He was very encouraging and asked me how we play, though for the audience it was ... Read More »

The cascading effect of refereeing in sports

AUGUSTO RODRIGUES The role of referees during the Indian Super league (ISL) and its cascading effects on football in India is being hotly debated on and off the ground today. The level of dissent shown by the foreign players towards decisions taken by referees has increased and the response from referees has left many perplexed. A player is entitled to ... Read More »

Gaurav Bidhuri: boxes to win

At the recently held 1st India Open Boxing Tournament in Delhi, many expected Gaurav Bidhuri, the lone Bronze medalist at the World Championships held in Germany 2017, to impress. A back injury forced him to stay out of the ring. Danuska Da Gama profiles the boxer The fourth Indian boxer to have won a medal at the World Boxing Championship, ... Read More »

Youngsters look to us for example

AUGUSTO RODRIGUES The All India Football Federation (AIFF) U-18 Youth league is on and for the first time there are six teams from Goa though we have only one team in the I-league. Previously, the league had no glamour as it was the AIFF Academy team that always hogged the honours and hence left the contest one sided. The story ... Read More »