Thursday , 24 August 2017


Getting what we don’t want

Frederick Noronha A friend and colleague, commenting via Facebook recently, raked up some strong views when he wrote: “Problem with Goa is it knows what it doesn’t want. It doesn’t know what it wants.” With the repeated concerns being raised against new developments coming up here, this sounds almost believable. But this argument is actually just another variant of the ... Read More »

Drought is a reality in Tamil Nadu. but no one is taking it seriously

Gopalkrishna Gandhi The Tamil word panjam dries you up 10 times more than its English equivalent famine. There is a remorselessness to panjam, an unrelieved misery. Tiruvalluvar captures it in his chapter on rain. ‘When rain clouds go back on what seemed like their word, Ploughmen turn still, sullen their oxen herd’. The rains have gone back on ‘their word’ ... Read More »

The Brhatkonkan and Konkani Language

Tensing Rodrigues For twenty Sundays now we have been rafting through the torrent of Konkani history. You might have often wondered, where are we heading to? The territory looks alien and distant – are we on track? Many of my friends have been asking me few very pertinent questions: Is trans-Sahyadri Konkan relevant today? It might have been so at ... Read More »

“What should I choose, Weight or Lightness?”

Jugneeta Sudan “Once more there sounded within me the terrible warning that there is only one life for all men, that there is only one life for all men, that there is no other and that all that can be enjoyed must be enjoyed here. In eternity, no other chance will be given to us.” Nikos Kazantzakis, Zorba the Greek. ... Read More »

The Banalisation of Evil and the Normalisation of Violence

Luis Dias Some years ago, I attended the memorial mass of a dear friend who had died overseas. It was a touching service, with heartfelt tributes paid to him. But one cringe-worthy moment occurred when the priest delivering the eulogy, somehow (I can’t remember how any more) connected the solemn moment with, of all people, Dick Cheney. I listened, stunned ... Read More »

Finding unique apps from this year’s Google Play Awards

Google Play Awards 2017 can help unique apps and games get the recognition they deserve and help users discover good content Abhijit Ahaskar Google is back with the second Play Awards where top apps and games across 12 categories will be recognised on the basis of their user ratings on the Play Store, technical performance and freshness. Every category has ... Read More »

Challenges of the Age of Digital Reading

Nandkumar M Kamat This is an article waiting to be published on World Book Day, April 23. I can write on books with authority because I have been reading for past 55 years and possess a home library of more than 25000 good books. I am a voracious digital reader as well making frequent forays of scientific journal websites and ... Read More »

Subrata Paul: A celebratory surrounded with little controversy

DHIMAN SARKAR|HT The jury is out on whether Subrata ‘Spiderman’ Paul has got entangled in his own web but should this be it for the goalkeeper, it would mean a career of some rare highs bookended by controversy. As a teenager good enough to be in Mohun Bagan’s goal in the 2004 Federation Cup final against Dempo, Subrata Paul was ... Read More »

Aizawl FC will be an all-Mizo team one day, says owner Robert Royte

Robert Romawia Royte heads the 10-year-old TT Royte Group, one of the top firms in Mizoram into a wide range of activities from construction to fishery and horticulture. He also contested, as an independent, the 2014 election for the lone Lok Sabha seat in Mizoram, finishing a close second.But Royte, 50, is known more for his football passion and giving ... Read More »

‘Local students at the Goa University should move out of their comfort Zone’

  RAMNATH N PAI RAIKAR | NT NETWORK   Goa University was supposed to receive a facelift, with a master plan complete with detailed drawings as prepared by the noted Goan architect, Charles Correa, acting as a blueprint for the same. How much has this project progressed? The Charles Correa Foundation has done the related preliminary work. In fact, I ... Read More »

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