Saturday , 16 December 2017


Lessons from cyclone Ockhi

Nandkumar Kamat   Way back in 2009, when I asked him about possibility of cyclones developing over Arabian Sea, NIO senior oceanographer and former director, Please like & share: Read More »

The significance of December 6

Shashi Shekhar   If you read history after doing away with the cliched proverbs then all the mysteries of the world will keep unravelling in the manner files used to unspool on an old PC. Consider December 6. The cacophony of voices celebrating it as victory day or black day may make it difficult to hear or see things clearly. ... Read More »

Cricket is not about runs and wickets but how we live our lives: BCCI match observer, Mahesh

Mahesh is a rare guy to know. He has a passion not just for the game but all those who love to play the game. Having faced some of the best cricketers in his time, Mahesh is seen cajoling or encouraging boys on the field and unlike many, he knows between a good cricketer and a mediocre one Please like ... Read More »

Inside the curious world of Delhi’s bone-setter Pahalwans

Manoj Sharma Satish Kumar Midda, better known as Hari Pahalwan, is sitting on an upholstered cushion on the floor, waiting for his next patient in his hole-in-the-wall clinic in old Delhi’s Lajpat Rai market. It has a small bench, a shelf filled with bandage and cotton rolls, and a signboard on the wall listing the services on offer. He does ... Read More »

It would not have been her style to fade away

Karan Thapar Today is the centenary of Indira Gandhi’s birth and you’re bound to read several assessments of her career and personality. Even 30 years after her death she bestrides our political horizon like a colossus. However, I don’t intend to inflict one more. Instead, I want to raise questions that might identify areas where greater clarity is required. Let’s ... Read More »

Violence against women is not a sign of manhood

Farhan Akhtar and Poonam Muttreja Less than a month ago a campaign exploded on social media. Survivors of sexual abuse, mostly women, shook off their trauma and stigma, stood up and said #MeToo. It was an overwhelming show of solidarity, a first step for many women towards closure, and for thousands of men a crushing and humbling moment of introspection ... Read More »

We are facing a polluted apocalypse

Shashi Shekhar On the way to Delhi from Noida, I was crossing the Yamuna as I do on most days. But today, somehow, this richa from the Atharva Veda inadvertently began playing in my mind: Prithivi Sh anti rant a rik sham Shantirdyouh Shantirapah Shantiroshdhayah Sh ant irv ana spa t ayah Shantirvishwe Me Devaah Shantih Sarve Me Devaah Shantih ... Read More »

Bob’s your uncle

Frederick Noronha Nobody would like to be even remotely connected with a discredited dictator. Unless, that is, you happen to be caught up with Hitler or Stalin or Salazar as a name (Vassalo or Kennedy might be better), that is. The last week saw the slow-motion overthrow of the world longest surviving ruler, Robert Mugabe. Dictator, thug, thief, murderer, ruthless, ... Read More »

Climate clarity must begin at home

Darryl D’Monte Every annual UN climate conference of parties (COP, or countries) ends on an identical note. There is an inching towards measures that may reduce the catastrophic consequences of runaway climate change; sometimes, it is one step forward and two steps backwards. That was what transpired in Bonn, where procedural decisions taken at the major conclave in Paris in ... Read More »

The Pawns on the Chessboard

Tensing Rodrigues Crawford describes the encounter between the kshatriya and the earliest settlers in Konkan: “Let us picture to ourselves the fair region when it first became sparsely populated by the hardy Mhars the aborigines, owners of the soil who ventured down from the Dekkhan attracted by the verdure. All the volcanoes which had spouted after the first upheaval from ... Read More »

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