Thursday , 24 August 2017


Guardiola’s overhaul could cost £300m

CHRIS WHEELER Pep Guardiola stole a march on his rivals at the start of this summer by splurging nearly £80m on Bernado Silva and Ederson Moraes. The Manchester City boss is only just beginning his overhaul as he looks to bring silverware to the Etihad Stadium after a disappointing first season at the club. What is the budget? City have ... Read More »

A fight to eliminate addiction in Goa

It is not uncommon to catch a youth between ages 15 and 25 consuming drugs. While some are introduced to drugs at parties, others experiment out of sheer curiosity and get trapped into the deadly world of addiction. Many organisations have joined hands to fight against the demand and supply of drugs in the state. Tomorrow, June 26 as we ... Read More »

In a democracy, army cannot be above criticism

Karan Thapar Sandeep Dikshit made a terrible mistake but he’s also paid for it with an embarrassing public apology. He was wrong to equate the army chief with a sadak ka gunda. This wasn’t just an insult to General Rawat but, more importantly, to the office he holds. The institution of the army chief – although not necessarily the incumbent ... Read More »

Burden of farming outweighs rewards: Is India staring at another Nandigram movement?

Rajesh Mahapatra Interventions such as loan waivers or MSP revisions can at best offer temporary succour. At worst, they deflect attention from the real issues behind the crisis that has been in the making for long. On March 14, 2007, when 14 farmers died in a clash between villagers and police forces in Nandigram of West Bengal over acquisition of ... Read More »

Madam President: Why Sushma Swaraj may be an ace in Narendra Modi’s deck of cards

Barkha Dutt Perhaps there are only two things about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision-making that can be forecast with any certainty — he likes to disrupt status quo assumptions with an element of surprise (more shock and awe, really) and all his decrees carry a highly personalised imprint of authority and ownership (there is no community- driven resolution in this ... Read More »

History, only when it makes us feel good

Frederick Noronha “The Romans?” I asked my German friend, somewhat bewildered. It didn’t make sense to me at the time. What had then really puzzled me was that Europeans of the late 20th century seemed to be talking about their former colonisers with a lot of nostalgia. Even affection. “Yes, the Romans,” he replied, without feeling the need to explain ... Read More »

The coaches behind India’s cricket champions

Ramachandra Guha Forty years ago, a candidate presented himself at the cricket selection trials of St Stephen’s College. St Stephen’s then had the best college team in Delhi and perhaps India. The new lad who came to the nets that day had two disadvantages: He was not articulate in English, and he was not to money or status born. Promising ... Read More »

The Protectors

“To see Ayodhya’s lord of men, a mighty saint of glorious fame, the hermit Visvamitra came. For evil fiends that roam by night, disturbed him in each holy rite. And in their strength and frantic rage, assailed with witcheries the sage. He came to seek the monarch’s aid, to guard the rites the demons stayed, unable to a close to ... Read More »

Lost Inheritance in the Mountains

Jugneeta Sudan “In 1947, brothers and sisters, the British left granting India her freedom, granting the Muslims Pakistan, granting special provisions for the scheduled castes and tribes, leaving everything taken care of, brothers and sisters- Except us, EXCEPT US. The Nepalis of India. At that time, in April of 1947, the Communist party of India demanded a Gorkhasthan, but the ... Read More »

The benefits to a child of a good music education

Luis Dias After seven years and counting in music education through Child’s Play India Foundation ( and also in the wider community, as a friend or relative to peers who are now parents of growing children, I hear this constant refrain: “My child has got exams round the corner, so s/he had better take a break from music lessons for ... Read More »

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