Lack Of Quality Power

Goa must set up a power distribution company Though Goa claims to be providing power 24×7 to industry, the supply remains inadequate, erratic and lacking in quality. Factories located in industrial estates face outages and load shedding as a routine throughout the year. The problems become more acute during summer months when the power department […]

Political Violence: Clear Policy Needed

D C PATHAK The General Election this time has been marked by a significant amount of violence in the run-up to the polls in several parts of the country. The bitterness amongst the contesting parties in states like West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra precipitated clashes between rival workers testing the efficacy and […]

Rising Incidence Of Lifestyle Diseases

Lifestyle diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, kidney ailments and hypertension are growing at an alarming rate among the Goan population. Not very long ago these diseases were considered to be phenomena prevalent in prosperous West. The incidence of these diseases in a developing state like Goa and a developing country like India is […]


Regaining A Lost Paradise The letter ‘Transforming Goa into a Paradise’ by Cajetan Peter D’Souza (NT, January 24) should have read ‘Regaining a lost paradise.’ This is the sad state of affairs in our once beloved Goa and paradise on earth, due to the unbridled and reckless policies of successive governments in Goa. Not only […]

On Novel Ways To Market Movies

PACHU MENON, MARGAO So much has the ‘marketing mantra’ caught on with every aspect of commerce these days that it is difficult to perceive the success of any business venture without sales promotion playing a vital role in the whole gamut of proceedings. As an activity attempting to stimulate immediate product interest, sales promotions have […]

Urjit as RBI Governor: Step in Right Direction

VINOD C DIXIT, AHMEDABAD This has reference to the thought-provoking article ‘Challenges before new RBI Governor’ (NT, August 23). The choice of Dr Urjit Patel, an eminent economist, consultant and banker, as the 24th Governor of the Reserve Bank of India reflects the government’s preference for continuity to the Dr Raghuram Rajan tradition and is […]

PM at Odds with Gau Rakshaks

AMULYA GANGULI THE Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh has given its guarded approval to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s criticism of the cow vigilantes. Notwithstanding the caveat that Modi should not have said that 80 per cent of the ‘gau rakshaks’ were fake, the endorsement marks a giant leap forward for the Hindu supremacist organisation since its note […]

Powering Urban India with Solar Parks

By G V Joshi One of the first major Solar Power related decision approved by the Union cabinet, is to develop 50 solar cities in India. This can give a major boost to the generation of solar energy and its use. The Indian city of Agra, former capital of the Indian in Mughal days and […]