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Peace via People-to-People Contact


INDIA and Pakistan are going more and more distant from each other. In any case, they have never been normal neighbours. But after the attack on Mumbai in November some 15 months ago, both are intentionally moving apart.

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Drugs under Lock and Key

THE revelation of the Home Minister, Mr Ravi Naik that seized narcotic substances have not been destroyed since the year 2000 has been quite shocking. This goes contrary to the spirit and content of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985.

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Justice and Injustice

SHARIAT Court in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) had ordered death sentence to 17 Indians for killing a Pakistani and injuring three others in an attack that took place last year over the control of illegal liquor business in Al Sajaa area of Sharjah. Any one irrespective of his social and financial stature must be punished if found to be involved in crime.

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The Mirage of Muslim Reservation


DIVISIVE reservations based on gender, social status and religion as according to the Andhra Pradesh High Court, rather than helping, will only make matters worse rather than redressing the wrongs meted out to the said sections of society.

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Object of the Case

The investigating and prosecuting agencies of the central government have every right to pursue cases against the BJP leaders, Mr Lal Krishna Advani and Mr Narendra Modi or leaders of other parties in the opposition, but they should also with equal determination pursue cases against leaders of parties that support the Queen Bee of the UPA coalition, the Congress party.

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For Pleasure of Sonia

Amitabh Bachchan has landed himself in controversy once again. This time, for sharing dais with the Maharashtra Chief Minister, Mr Ashok Chavan at the inauguration of Northern Carriageway of the Bandra-Worli Sealink on March 24.

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Saving our Planet


THE Catholic Church in Mumbai has taken up the ‘green cause’ by dedicating this year to issues concerning the environment. It is imperative that all religions adopt similar measures, for as the Roman pontiff has rightly said, "In order to protect peace, we must protect creation".

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Blunder on Land Revenue Income

IT is a decision which has gone without much notice and analysis probably because very few people have time and priority to scrutinise the budget papers in depth. There was no political will to take up this issue but the government was concerned about mounting public debt, audit objections and juridical intervention.

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