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Make e-Prescriptions Mandatory

SUBHASH CHANDRA AGRAWAL, DELHI The Odisha High Court on August 13, 2020, advised doctors to write legible prescriptions preferably...

Eternal Quest For Financial Stability

Acharya says the efforts of the RBI at restoring financial stability were seen by the government as contradictory to pursuing growth

Ram Temple And Question Of Faith

JAYANTA GHOSAL Let’s go to Ayodhya again. On August 5, Prime Minister Narendra Modi went to Ayodhya, the birthplace...

Monetary Policy Won’t Help Revive Economy

The Indian economy is currently seized with the threat of a stagflation-like (recession accompanied by inflation) situation R K...


No Azaadi in Azad Kashmir

WE often hear of the ‘bad life’ of the people in the Indian part of Jammu and Kashmir – ‘made worse’ by Indian army’s ‘excesses’ – but seldom anything about the life in the Pakistani-held part of Jammu and Kashmir.


Encouraging Priests’ Talents
WE are all used to seeing catholic priests concelebrate the Eucharistic celebrations and preach the Sunday sermon. But many of the priests have a lot of talent.

Corruption: Bold Action, Not Bold Words

The Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh while speaking on the Civil Services Day in April 2012 said: “It should be our endeavour that there is no witch-hunting in the name of fighting corruption. It is our government’s commitment to put in place a system and create an environment in which our civil servants are encouraged to be decisive, and no one is harassed for bonafide mistakes of errors of judgement.”

Long Live Factionalism

It must have come as a major embarrassment to the Congress president, Ms Sonia Gandhi that on the day she was admonishing party leaders to “bury their differences” and shed factionalism – and especially party leaders in Punjab and Goa – Mr Churchill Alemao, the leader of one of the factions of the party in the western coastal state, was doing precisely what she was warning everyone against.


Disposing Plastic Waste
The Supreme Court has minced no words and warned that if plastic bags are not banned or at least the plastic waste is not adequately collected, segregated and disposed, it is certain to pose a threat to the next generation. It further said that the threat could be worse than that of an atom bomb.

Polls: Cong Faces an Uphill Task

By Praful Bidwai
EIGHT weeks after the Congress lost Assembly elections in four out of five states it is finally acknowledging its crisis. It has serious difficulties in managing its allies. It is demoralised. And the United Progressive Alliance government is losing ground as it drifts further rightwards.

It Pays to be Poor

THE quantum jump in the number of below poverty line (BPL) families in the state from 6,947 in 2002 to seven short of 27,000 in 2012 is either an indication that Goans are getting poorer or there is some benefit to be derived from declaring oneself as poor.

Control of Cancer

IS the human race close to beating cancer? Developments in the West would appear to favour the belief that we are actually winning.




Care and compassion

DANUSKA DA GAMA | NT BUZZ It all started with an editorial on local daily highlighting issues of the...

250 voices, 24 choirs, one nation

Twenty four choirs from all over India including Goa have come together as one virtual choir themed ‘Sing for India’ to sing...

A song for India

On the eve of Independence Day (August 14), singer and songwriter Akshada Bandekar released a patriotic song ‘Hum Sab EkHai / We...

An independent mind: An interdependent nation

Aldina Braganza I very proud to be an Indian. We are a great democracy with even a greater diversity....